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Computed Tomography Scan Information
Amber Diagnostics the leading remanufacturer of used CT Scanners. Below is information on how CT Scanners are used in a medical setting and what you as a patient can expect while undergoing this type of diagnostic imaging testing. In addition, We have a wide variety of used CT Scanners available for purchase. View our data base of available used CT Scanners.

What is Computed Tomography?

Computed Tomography uses special x-ray equipment to obtain information from different angles around the body. Computers are then used to process the information and create cross-sectional images that appear as "slices" of the body and organs.

A CT (computerized tomography) scanner, sometimes called CAT (computerized axial tomography), is a special kind of x-ray machine for examining structures and organs within the body. CT is fast, patient friendly and has the unique ability to image a combination of soft tissue, bone, and blood vessels.

For more information of the different types of CT Scanners.

CT (computerized tomography) scanner

High Speed Advantage GE Spiral CT scanner with the ability to reformat images in multiple planes and aquire images as fine as 1mm slice thickness.

CT scan in process

What should I expect?

During the exam, you will lie on a motorized table that will move you into round opening of the scanner. You may hear humming, buzzing or clicking sounds as the CT scanner moves to reposition you for additional images. CT scans are painless. Some exams may require oral contrast consumption or an injection of contrast material.

What if I need a contrast injection?

CT contrast is an organically bound iodine material that is used to make some abnormalities easier to see. Be sure to tell your technologist if you have had a reaction to contrast in the past or if you a particularly sensitive to medications.

How should I prepare?

You may be asked to avoid normal eating or drinking for a period of time. You should continue medications prescribed by your doctor unless informed otherwise.

You may be asked to wear a hospital gown and remove any metal objects and jewlery.

*Always inform the technologist if you're pregnant, diabetic, allergic to any foods or drugs, or are being treated for any type of infection.

How do I get my results?

After your study is complete, a board certified radiologist will evaluate the image results and send a full report to your doctor, who will discuss the results with you.

CT image slice
Your doctor will discuss the results with you

Amber Diagnostics is the leading distributor and remanufacturer of used medical imaging equipment and X-ray Diagnostic equipment including Helical Multi Slice CT Scanners, Fluoroscopic C-Arms, Cath / Angio Suites, Mammography, MRI's, Radiographic Fluoro, Bone Densitometers, Ultrasounds, Laser & Nuclear Cameras, PET Scanners, PACS, and all accessory items used within the radiology industry. Amber Diagnostics works directly with clinics, hospitals, private physicians and imaging centers world wide.
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