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Bone Densitometry DEXA Scan Information.
Below is information on how Bone Densitometers / DEXA Scans are used in a medical setting and what you as a patient can expect while undergoing this type of diagnostic imaging testing. In addition, We have a wide variety of used Bone Densitometers available for purchase. Click here to view used Bone Densitometers.

DEXA Scan : Bone DensityDEXA Scan :
Bone Density, Bone Densitometers

What is DEXA Scan?
DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) examinations estimate the amount of bone mineral content in specific areas of your body. Two X-Ray energies allows the Radiologist to tell the difference between bone and soft tissue, giving a very accurate estimation of bone density.

Often confused with a nuclear medicine bone scan, a bone mineral density measurement with DEXA is painless, and requires no injections, invasive procedures, sedation, special diet or any other advance preparation.

DEXA Scan imagingDuring a DEXA exam, the patient lies fully clothed on a padded table while the system scans one or more areas of bone (usually the lower spine or hip). The entire exam typically takes just a few minutes to complete.

While DEXA uses x-rays, the radiation dose is less than during a chest x-ray. Each patient's bone density is plotted against the "normal" for a healthy young adult or against age matched control data.

dexa scanWhat should I expect?
You will be asked to lie very still on the scan table, while breathing normally as the scanner arm passes over the area of interest.

An exam usually consists of a spine and a single hip scan. It take about 20 minutes to perform the exam. Lying comfortably, the patient in this photo is about to undergo a DEXA Scan or bone density measurement exam.

How do I prepare?
Unless otherwise instructed, eat normally on the day of the exam and avoid calcium supplements for two hours before your appointment. *Be sure to avoid wearing metal.

Your doctor will discuss the results with youHow do I get my results?

After your study is complete, a board certified radiologist will evaluate the image results and send a full report to your doctor, who will discuss the results with you.

Amber Diagnostics is the leading distributor and remanufacturer of used medical imaging equipment and X-ray Diagnostic equipment including Helical Multi Slice CT Scanners, Fluoroscopic C-Arms, Cath / Angio Suites, Mammography, MRI's, Radiographic Fluoro, Bone Densitometers, PET/CT Scanners, and all accessory items used within the radiology industry. Amber Diagnostics works directly with clinics, hospitals, private physicians and imaging centers world wide.
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