Used & Refurbished Overhead X-ray Tube Crane

The Ceiling Tube Mount Crane is a radiographic X-ray tube suspension system designed to facilitate a wide range of procedures. Fully counter-balanced, the heavy-duty system moves easily throughout its entire range and minimizes operator fatigue. The Overhead Tube Crane is ideal for all radiographic, off-table and upright requirements.


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• Heavy duty design for demanding caseloads
• Telescopic vertical column with fingertip controls delivers rapid, accurate positioning
• Full 360° rotation with 90° detent intervals for easy vertical positioning
• Digital position indicators for rapid determination of focal spot to table top or bucky S.I.D. distances
• Integrates with all Del Medical tables and generators
• Up to 60" (153 cm) of vertical travel
• Platform mount standard

X-ray Tube Positioning
Rotation about vertical axis (yaw): 360° (manual steps ever 90°)
Rotation about horizontal axis (roll): ±140°

1. & 5. Roll Lock Release Switches
2. & 6. Transverse Lock Release Switches
3. & 7. Vertical Lock Release Switches
4. & 8. Longitudinal Lock Release Switches
9. One Hand Multi-Lock Release Switch


Positioning Indicators
Digital display:
(I) Focal spot-to-tabletop/wall inches S.I.D. distance
(2) Focal spot-to-bucky inches S.I.D. distance
Tube angulation (roll): reads at ° increments

  • Locks: All locks: electromagnetic
    Column rotation: mechanical, 90° detents
  • Longitudinal Rail Length: 16' optional, 14' standard
  • Transverse Bridge Length: 10' standard
  • Power Requirements:
    120VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, lAmp
    230VAC, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 0.5Amp
  • System Payload Support Capability: 15lbs column support, standard
  • Electrical: Assemblies are plug-in and modular for easy installation, calibration and service maintenance.
  • System Weight: 130lbs (331kg)

Complies with all CDRH performance standards in effect at the date of manufacture. Specifications subject to change without notice. Made in U.S.A. - ETL Listed - CE Marked - An ISO 13485 Certified Facility.


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