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View our Used Radiology Equipment Refurbishment Process.
View our equipment Refurbishing Process.

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Used & Refurbished C-Arms

Amber Diagnostics has been refurbishing medical c-arms since 1994. All c arm systems are custom-refurbished based on our clients’ particular budget and specific requirements. All surgical c-arms come with a comprehensive warranty program insuring complete confidence and security for our buyers. We also BUY used C-Arm.

Each system will be delivered to your place of business followed up by an Amber engineer who will install your interventional system and provide on site applications training. Amber Diagnostics provides quality c-arm technical support for all models of medical c-arms.

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GE OEC Mobile C-Arms
OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm OEC 9800 C-Arm

OEC 9900 Elite C-Arm

The OEC 9900 Elite is designed to deliver superb clinical images during both simple and challenging imaging cases, with fast and easy positioning. Imaging profiles optimize your image to compensate for bone and tissue. With the exclusive SmartView pivot joint, you can capture true lateral views regardless of the imaging angle, minimizing the need for repeated exposures. Features like articulating hi def monitors, SmartMetal distortion control, and patented DRM technology mean any OEC 9900 Elite you choose will provide superb images.

Improve your workflow and productivity. OEC C -arms are consistently rated by customers as easy-to-use because of the intuitive user interface and software design. The OEC 9900 Elite is the only "immediate image" fluoro system on the market. A dual control mainframe and left-to-right layout means easy access for fast operation.

Optimize dose management. When you get a suberb image with the first exposure, there should be no need for re-takes and repeated exposures. Be Brilliant with OEC.

See more clearly. With100 times more image computing power than previous OEC C-arms, you'll get exceptional image quality regardless of the complexity of your procedure.

Maximize uptime. Perform long procedures because our unique battery buffer technology allows for longer on-times. Active cooling and heat monitoring indicator help you manage uptime performance.

Maximize access. Our unique, deep C arc gives the desired patient access for pain management and cardiovascular procedures. Articulating monitors ergonomically offer you an ideal view of the workstation monitors.

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OEC 9800 C-Arm

The OEC 9800 is the gold standard in mobile fluoroscopy applications and innovative X-ray imaging technology.
  • True 1k x 1k high resolution
  • Simple user interface speeds procedures to improve efficiency.
  • Superb image management improves outcomes.
  • PreView Collimation
  • Real-time Edge Enhancement.
  • Digital Zoom Mode.
On-screen collimator displays allow easy collimator positioning without X-ray exposure. Normal and digital zoom modes. Provides 2 or 4 times the image magnification for better anatomical visualization. Simple touchscreen operations.

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OEC 9600 C-Arm OEC 9400 C-Arm

OEC 9600 C-Arm

OEC 9600 Series Benefits. Digital Mobile C-Arm. Great Images, Low Dose, Maneuverable, Simple Operation, Large View and Rapid Hard Copy.

  • Tri Mode 9"/6"/4.5" Image Intensifier
  • Rotating Anode X-ray Tube (0.3mm & 0.6mm) focal spots
  • 768 x 494 CCD Camera
  • 10 bit digital image processing
  • 200 Image Storage
  • Output to Floppy Disk
  • Multiple specialty packages available, Choli, Vascular, Cine Loop
  • Workstation w/17” monitors
  • 7.5 kW Hi-frequency generator
  • 120kV – 5mA maximum technique factors
  • 20 mA Boost Mode
  • Collimator w/dual opposing shutters

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OEC 9400 C-Arm

OEC 9400 Series Benefits. Tri-Mode 9/6/4 " Image Intensifier, 60 Image Store, 3 Image Store Floppy 3.5 ", Flicker Free 17" Dual Monitors Including Cart, Rotating X-ray Tube, Auto Collimator, Winchester 60 Image Storage, Patient Annotation Keyboard,

Last Image Hold, Fluoro Boost, Edge Enhancement, Frame Averaging, Gamma Correction, Sharpen Function, 1-Shot Frame Averaging, MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction, Matrix Camera or Paper Printer.

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OEC 7600 Compact C-Arm  

OEC 7600 Compact C-Arm

OEC 7600 Compact Series Benefits.
Digital C-Arm, Dual Monitors, 9/6" Image Intensifier, Hi-Res CCD Camera, Stores 400 Images

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Philips Mobile C-Arms
Philips Pulsera C-Arm Philips Pulsera C-Arm 12"

Philips BV Pulsera 9" C-Arm

9" Tri-mode Image Intensifier, CCD Camera, Dual Monitors, Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube, Surgical Package, DICOM.

Powerful mobile fluoroscopy system, for specialized minimally invasive procedures and routine surgical interventions
Whether it's a large field of view for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, excellent low-dose imaging for interventional pain management or small anatomical detail for cochlear implants, the BV Pulsera's innovative feature set helps you get the job done. Clarity and power. The pulsed exposure mode produces superb image contrast, essentially eliminates movement artifacts in cardiovascular examinations and provides you with virtually blur-free images. In short, the BV Pulsera gives you the power and the image quality your work in the OR demands.

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Philips BV Pulsera 12" C-Arm

12" Tri-mode Image Intensifier, CCD Camera, Dual Monitors, Orthopedic, DICOM, 5 FPS Cine.

Powerful mobile fluoroscopy system, for specialized minimally invasive procedures and routine surgical interventions
Whether it's a large field of view for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, excellent low-dose imaging for interventional pain management or small anatomical detail for cochlear implants, the BV Pulsera's innovative feature set helps you get the job done. Clarity and power. The pulsed exposure mode produces superb image contrast, essentially eliminates movement artifacts in cardiovascular examinations and provides you with virtually blur-free images. In short, the BV Pulsera gives you the power and the image quality your work in the OR demands.

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Philips Libra C-Arm Philips Endura C-Arm

Philips BV Libra C-Arm

9" Image Intensifier, CCD Camera, Dual Monitors, Sony Printer, Surgical Package.

The BV Libra sports what is called “humanware” design, with handles and contours shaped to be used by people. DoseWise is a Philips initiative to cut down the radiation dose required to produce great images. The BV Libra has single button control, and its interface has a minimum of functions and menus to make operation simple. It has advanced image processing capable of vascular subtraction and remasking; real-time contrast, brightness, and edge enhancement; automatic movement detection; and BodySmart software which recognizes anatomy. It is capable of parallel movement to virtually extend the field of view for spinal procedures.

Safety is not an issue as the BV Libra’s real pulse fluoro mode cuts the necessary radiation doses in half. The unit also has unique beam filters that can reduce the amount of skin radiation exposure by 40%.

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Philips BV Endura C-Arm

9" Image Intensifier, Vascular Package, Digital Subtraction, Roadmapping, CCD Camera, Dual Monitors.

Workhorse mobile C-arm for surgical imaging offers vascular functionality with a wide field of view, optimizing workflow
Perfect for general fluoroscopy and vascular specialization, the BV Endura helps you clearly view dynamic images in surgery. Designed to improve your workflow, this versatile system has many beneficial characteristics.

Consider these features:
  • Flexible choice between 9" or 12" image intensifier
  • Extended rotation for vascular projections
  • SmartVision imaging technology
  • Ultra-compact MobileView Station
  • 1K2 imaging – a fully digital imaging chain with advanced noise reduction and 2D edge enhancements for higher image quality.
  • BodySmart – software that finds, tracks and defines the field of view to anatomy for 'first shot right' imaging.
  • Automatic Shutter Positioning – optimal shutter positioning for the best quality image possible and a clear view of the region of interest.
  • Automatic contrast/brightness – real-time contrast and brightness control at the touch of a button improves ease-of-use and provides faster control for better image quality.

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Philips BV-29 C-Arm Philips BV-300 C-Arm

Philips BV 29 C-Arm

Philips BV 29 C-arm: Dual Mode 9"/6" Image Intensifier, Scopofix 200 Image Storage, Dual 17" Hi-resolution Monitors With Cart,

Hard Copy Matrix Camera 8"x10" Format, Fixed X-ray Tube Certified, Low Radiation Dose, Patient Data Keypad, BV29 Operators Manuals. Digital Recorder • Last Image Hold • Matrix 2:1 Camera

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Philips BV 300 C-Arm

Philips BV 300 C-arm: Tri-Mode 9"/6"/4" Image Intensifier, 200 Digital Image Storage, Dual 17" Hi-resolution Monitors With Cart, CCD Camera,

Matrix Camera 8"x10" Format, Fixed X-ray Tube Certified, Patient Data Keypad, BV300 Operators Manuals, Hard Copy Device • Laser Alignment

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Siemens Mobile C-Arms
Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-Arm Siemens Arcadis Orbic C-Arm

Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-Arm

ARCADIS Avantic is the multipurpose high-end C-arm for a vast range of applications including cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, gastroenterology, orthopedics and many other fields of practice where high power and a large field of view are required.

Powerful performance with up to 25 kW
Large field of view by industry-leading 33 cm (13") image intensifier
Brilliant 1K2 image quality
Optimized clinical workflow
Increased efficiency through user-friendly operation
syngo based – the unique software platform
Comprehensive connectivity and specialized interfaces

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Siemens Arcadis Orbic C-Arm

ARCADIS Orbic allows with its isocentric design and 190° orbital movement for unlimited projection flexibility, which eliminates the need for C-arm repositioning. ARCADIS Orbic is best suited for intraoperative use in orthopedic, trauma, pain management and spine surgery.

Brilliant 1K2 image quality.
User-friendly operation.
Optimized clinical workflow.
Truly isocentric design enables time and dose savings.
syngo-based the unique software platform.
Comprehensive connectivity and specialized interfaces.

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Siemens Arcadis Orbic 3D C-Arm Siemens Arcadis Varic C-Arm

Siemens Arcadis Orbic 3D C-Arm

The 3D functionality of ARCADIS Orbic is best suited for intra-operative use in orthopedics and trauma surgery, such as 3D imaging of bones and joints of the lower and upper extremities, entire spine, hip, as well as maxilliofacial applications. ARCADIS Orbic 3D can be equipped with NaviLink 3D, the direct 3D navigation interface or NaviVision 3D, the integrated optical navigation platform.

Intra-operative 3D imaging and direct 3D navigation.
Brilliant 1K2 image quality.
Optimized clinical workflow.
Truly isocentric design.
syngo-based – the unique software platform.
Comprehensive connectivity and specialized interfaces.

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Siemens Arcadis Varic C-Arm

ARCADIS Varic features an optimally matched and fully digital 1K2 imaging chain from image acquisition to viewing and archiving. Equipped with EASY (Enhanced Acquisition System) for automatic dose, contrast, and brightness control, and a powerful x-ray tube with tube currents of up to 23 mA allowing for over 50 minutes fluoro time, ARCADIS Varic delivers brilliant images in every situation.

• Brilliant 1K2 image quality
• 19" high-brightness, high contrast TFT monitors
• integrated laser light localizer
• radiation free collimation
• multi-level dose control
• 2D images in 1024 x 1024 resolution
• storage capacity of 60,000 images
• Optimized clinical workflow
• Syngo-based software platform
• DICOM 3.0, Comprehensive connectivity
• EMotion integrated onboard sound system

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Siemens AXIOM Artis U Siemens Siremobil 2000 C-Arm

Siemens AXIOM Artis U

Siemens AXIOM Artis U, Powerful imaging providing detailed information. Measuring 23 cm (9'') or 33 cm (13'') respectively, AXIOM Artis U's image intensifier offers a high degree of imaging flexibility, including steep angulations. Its three- or four-step zoom allows you to focus directly on the region of interest. Equipped with a specially designed full size CCD camera generating digital images with a 1k by 1k matrix and 10 bit depth, AXIOM Artis U is capable of exposing far more detailed information within the image - in real-time and with breathtaking clarity. Additionally, the X-ray tube with 783 kHU enables long procedures without overheating.

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Siemens Siremobil 2000 C-Arm

• Dual-Mode 9/7/5" Image Intensifier
• Memoscop 200 Image Storage
• VideoMed CCD Camera
• Dual 17" Hi-resolution Monitors
• Hard Copy Matrix Camera
• DR Digital Radiography Mode
• Subtraction Technique
• 120V-240, 50/60Hz
• C-Arm Control Panel
• Monitor Cart Control

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Siemens Siremobil Compact L  

Siemens Siremobil Compact L C-Arm

Siemens C-arm SIREMOBIL Compact L is the compact all-rounder for surgical imaging. With its new digital 1K2 imaging chain, it supports a large spectrum of X-ray-based surgical applications in orthopedics, trauma and vascular surgery, pain management, and ambulatory care.

• Mu-metal shielded 9" image intensifier
• Counterbalanced C-arm with a large orbital rotation of 130 degrees
• Consistent digital 1K2 imaging chain
• Extended fluoro times of over 50 minutes
• Siemens CARE initiative for lowest possible dose
• MEMOSKOP CX imaging system for individual storage requirements from 25 to 5,000 images
• Comprehensive connectivity for image storage and data transfer including CD writer, USB interface, and DICOM network interface
• External monitor connection for duplication of the live or reference monitor

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Ziehm Mobile C-Arms
Ziehm Quantum C-Arm Ziehm Vista C-Arm

Ziehm Quantum C-Arm

9" Tri-Mode Image Intensifier, Dual Monitors, DICOM, Vascular Package.
  • Single Function Foot Switch
  • Real Time Processing
  • Filters/Windowing/Rotation/Mirroring
  • Post Processing-Edge Enhancement
  • Rotation, Windowing, Inverse, Image Crop
  • High Frequency X-ray Generator 20,000 Hz
  • Iris and Slot During live Fluoroscopy
  • Fluoroscopic Operation from 40kV to 110kV at 0.2-Maximum 6ma and Pulse Modes
  • Radiographic Operation from 40kV to 110kV at Maximum 20ma
  • 8ma Mode for Digital Radiograph/Snap Shot Mode
  • Dual Mode 9/6 in. Image Intensifier
  • High Contrast Camera
  • Body Region and Application Specific Key, Extremities, Chest, head, Spine, Hip Metal, Soft Tissue, 1/2 Dose
  • Large Patient Diameter key
  • Integrated Cable Pusher Allow for Easy Maneuverability and Positioning
  • Two 18 in. High Resolution/Brightness TFT Flat Panel Monitors, 1280 x 1024
  • 1280 x 1024V x 12 bit Highline Video Image Display with Dual Graphic Overlays
  • 360 Degree Digital Continuous Image Rotation
  • Last Image Hold
  • Invert, White on Black
  • True 1024 Shades of Gray
  • Real Time Noise Reduction (Low, Medium, High)
  • Snapshot, Electronic Noise Reduction by Multiple Frame Integration Preset for Better Image Quality
  • Touch Screen Text Keyboard for Patient Annotation
  • Auto Store Feature
  • True 16 bit Image Processing and Storage
  • 10,000 Digital Image Stored in 1Kx16 bit Image Display

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Ziehm Vista C-Arm

9" Tri-Mode Image Intensifier, Dual CRT Monitors, Vascular Package, 5000 Image Storage, DICOM, Active Cooling.

5,000,000 HU cooling system, laser positioning device, I.I. mounted laser positioning device, printer, large printer (dual scan), VCR (super VHS), vascular imaging module, 4 fr/sec or 30 fr/sec DSA cine loop, 4,000 frames additional storage, DICOM 3.0 net

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Ziehm Expscop 7000  

Ziehm Exposcop 7000 C-Arm

Ziehm Exposcop 7000 Series Benefits. • 12"/9"/6" Image Intensifier with Vascular Module. • DSA Realtime Digital Subtraction • Roadmapping with Max Op • DSA Cine Loop 1,2,4,8,15 & 30 fr/sec • Variable landmarking and Mask Reregistration

Image Documentation, choice of film, paper, laser printer, tape or floppy disk • Dicom 3.0 compatible • 5 Million HU X-Ray Generator Storage and Cooling System • 6/9" Image Intensifier • Dual Monitors • Digital Frame Storage • Thermal Printer • Last Image Hold

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Mini C-Arms
Fluoroscan Mini Premier C-Arm Orca Mini C-Arm

Fluoroscan Premier Mini C-Arm

The FLUOROSCAN PREMIER 6"/4" This fully digital system has Dual Hi-Bright 15" Monitors, 4 Image Mosaic on the right monitor, 2000 image storage capability, and a thermalgraphic printer that comes with the system. It also has the ability to cone down to a 4" Field of View for greater detail, along with many other features. • 6" Image Intensifier

Dual Hi-Bright Monitors • 2,200 Frame Storage • 4 Image Buffer and Right Screen 4 Image Mosaic • AOI Histogram Function • ADR Contract/Dose Adjustment • AIP Noise Suppression and Edge Enhancement • Self-Calibrating • Aphanumeric Keyboard • 3.5" Floppy • Thermal Printer • Triple Function Footswitch

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Lunar Orca Mini C-Arm

The LUNAR ORCA 6"/4" Mini C-Arm is a powerful, high-resolution Mini C-Arm that allows larger extremities such as knees and shoulders to be viewed with ease, as well as all smaller extremities. The image can also be coned down to a 4" Field of View for an even higher resolution image.

The Lunar has the largest field of view size available on the Mini C-Arm market. It has crisp digital imaging, edge enhancement, on-board image storage, split screen imaging for viewing multiple images at once, multi-function foot pedal, optional remote control, and many other features. • 6" Image Intensifier • Printer • Alphanumeric Keyboard • Split Screen • Zoom • Rotation • Single Monitor

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OEC 6600 C-Arm OEC 6800 Miniview C-Arm

OEC 6600 Mini C-Arm

OEC 6600 Mini C-arm Series Benefits.
• Dual Mode 6/4 " Image Intensifier, • Dual Hi-resolution Monitors, • 2000 Image Storage, • Sony Thermal Black & White • Printer, • Certified X-ray Tube, • Series 6600 Operators Manuals

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OEC 6800 Miniview Mini C-Arm

6”/4” Dual Mode Image Intensifier, Dual Monitors, CCD Camera, DICOM, 800 Image Storage, Foot and Hand Switch, Sony Printer

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Orthoscan HD Mini C-Arm  
Additional Images
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Orthoscan HD Mini C-Arm

OrthoScan HD with Flat Detector – OR offers the flattest detector (2") on the market. This Flat-Form design provides optimal positioning in the surgical environment. It enables the surgeon to place the detector on top of the operating surface to obtain images without stressing the anatomy. The small detector housing creates a less invasive workspace without sacrificing field of view.

The OrthoScan HD with Flat Detector – OR design allows for an orbital rotation of 150 degrees. This increased orbital movement provides the surgeon positioning options unavailable on competitive products. It enables the user to take advantage of the larger field of view without making mechanical adjustments required by competitive equipment. Located on the bottom of the tube head, bulit-in surgical lights provide additional illumination on the anatomy and eliminate shadows cast from the tube head. Conveniently located on each side of the tube head assembly, bilateral controls provide easy access to imaging and documentation in the sterile field.
  • 6"/4" Image Intensifier
  • CCD Camera
  • DICOM Send, Store, Print and Worklist Services
  • 512 Frame Storage
  • Edge Enhancement
  • Lateral Image Hold
  • 20.1" Monitor
  • 2 Megapixel Resolution
  • kV Range: 40 - 78 kVp
  • mA Range: 0.04 mA - 0.460 mA

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