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Radiology News Stories Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Radiology Heart

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that brings out romantic (and sometimes cheesy) declarations of love from all of us, whether it’s directed at your significant other, your best friend – or even your pet. Some may not even celebrate the holiday, whether it’s for religious reasons or simply because they believe the holiday is overrated … Read more

Protecting Your C-Arm Cables

C-Arm cables

Having exposed or torn C-Arm cables can put a damper on the workflow of your facility. Exposed wires are just asking for performance issues and safety liabilities. But new cables are very expensive, (costing anywhere from $2,500 or more,) and not to mention they can take hours to replace. Practicing preventative maintenance is a smart … Read more

Choosing the Right MRI Sound System

Choosing the right sound system for you MRI machine

A quality sound system is something that has become regulatory for patient comfort in most MRI suites. However, in light of the vast range of available offerings, we have found that deciding on a sound system for an MRI room can become somewhat of a hassle. It is essential for MRI techs to try and … Read more

Inflammatory disease patients aided by Immuno-PET

According to a preclinical study published in the June issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, PET imaging with radiotracers to accurately identify molecules in cancer cells that prevent the immune system from attacking a disease, called immuno-PET, could become an effective tool in assessing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Immuno-PET has potential in detecting IBD … Read more

Medical Imaging Equipment for Veterinarians

Medical imaging equipment for veterinarians

Whether you’re treating humans or animals in your facility, your medical practices require medical imaging equipment. However, the imaging equipment that is required for veterinary practices can differ from medical practices. Being able to understand the difference is essential when deciding to purchase a C-Arm or X-Ray equipment. A few things to consider when purchasing … Read more

Differences Between 1.5T and 3T MRI

Dosage standards for the computed tomography scan

When it comes to MRI scanners, 1.5T is the standard strength. Often considered a “one size fits all” machine, 1.5Ts work for a variety of different scans and applications, making them a precious commodity for any imaging facility run today. Therefore, imagine doubling the signal of a 1.5T – double the clarity and quality of … Read more

MRI Coil Maintenance & Damage Prevention

MRI coil maintenance and damage prevention

MRI coils are fragile and an essential part of your practice, which is why keeping them in great condition is so important. Servicing them can become a chore, due to the way today’s coils are designed with more resonating elements in ergonomic housing. In fact, repairing coils can become so costly that the better option … Read more

The Importance of DEXA Scans

A bone densitometer is used to take bone density tests (DEXA scans), which assess the strength of the bones and look for possible fractures that may put a person at risk for osteoporosis. While bone densitometers can also be used for body fat testing, today we’re focusing on DEXA scans & the important role they … Read more

When to Replace Your MRI Cold Head

The Cold Head: Your MRI’s heart and soul, it is crucial to the performance of your machine. But how do you know when it’s time to replace it? Here’s a quick rundown of what a cold head actually does: the cooling system inside your MRI holds hundreds of liters of liquid helium that are there … Read more

C-Arm Procedure Safety Pointers

When a patient arrives to have imaging done at your facility, they almost always have concerns about radiation – does this sound about right? Especially if they’re having interventional work done with a c-arm, patients will need reassurance from you and your staff. The fluoroscopic c-arm process may be a bit scary for patients, but … Read more


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