A fairly new company, Vieworks has only been in business since 1999; however, as of 2016 they are one of the leading manufacturers of advanced digital medical imaging processing, signal processing for imaging sensor and high precision optics, and opto-mechanical design. At Amber Diagnostics, Vieworks produces some of our best Digital Radiography (DR) systems. Read more about them below!




1.) Vieworks was founded by six researchers and engineers from Samsung Techwin. Samsung Techwin is a surveillance, aeronautics, optoelectronics, automations and weapons technology company.





2.) The company was founded on September 18th, 1999, and is headquartered in Anyang, South Korea.





3.) Vieworks is ranked in Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion by Forbes Magazine, and as of 2016 is worth $446 million.





4.) In addition to Digital Radiography and Digital Fluoroscopy, Vieworks also makes Medical Cameras, Industrial Cameras,  and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection,) as well as offering software and accessories.





5.) In 2011, Vieworks received R&D grants from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy for its project to develop advanced digital imaging processing sensors, which are the key to producing high-resolution and high-speed cameras. The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy regulates economic policy, especially in regard to the industrial and energy sectors, and also works to encourage foreign investment in Korea.





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