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Changes Keep Coming, MRI CT hybrid

Change is inevitable in the world of technology, especially now. As time progresses there are newer and more specific ways to increase the usefulness of technology. Medical technology and diagnostic imaging are no different. Since 1895 and the invention of the X-Ray it’s been a progressive climb in technology for the last 118 years. The first MRI and CT scans, performed in the 1970’s, signaled the beginning of a revolution that has since only become stronger.

The diagnostic imaging market is looking at an increase of six billion dollars over the next five years. That increase does not really factor in new inventions, approved technologies, and anything currently in R&D. A new and possibly major development has been forming in terms of technology and in all likelihood it will completely re-vamp all of diagnostic imaging.

This new development is the first proposed design of an MRI CT hybrid. According to an article published in “After working on the design since 2010, engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York feel confident that the device’s clinical benefits will drive its complicated production.” This development is likely to signify a new age in diagnostic imaging.

Chances are that from design, to development, to eventual testing and commercial release there is a span of ten years. With the kind of new technology being tested now for faster scans with lower radiation dosage, this type of design will likely evolve a few more times before progressing to a more advanced stage.

The lead designer and director of Rensselaer’s Biomedical Imaging Cluster was quoted as saying “We have established the theoretical foundation, engineering feasibility, top-level design, and clinical benefits. But putting CT and MRI together is a really big step forward, and it’s not going to be cheap.” This type of creation means that there will be an increase in sales, refurbishing, and repairs markets.

While it was not mentioned what this may do overseas, it’s fair to assume it will be something big. The BRIC countries are staying in the lead as far as markets for new and existing technologies and emerging markets such as the Philippines are increasing their stake in the market as far as purchasing and importing medical technology is concerned.

It’s interesting to see what the future will bring as far as this hybrid is concerned. The hybrid is supposed to work simultaneously as opposed to in sequence, already making it stand apart from other hybrid modalities. To other countries that rely more on the refurbished market this modality may be news after a longer period, which may be an advantage given the fact that, by then, the technology may well be at a peak in terms of performance.

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