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Look How Far We have Come, the History of X-Rays

img2 You ever wonder about the history of X-Rays? From their discovery in 1895 up until today X-Rays have been an integral part of the process of diagnosis. If it weren’t for X-rays it’s fair to assume that medicine would not be where it’s at today in terms of the prevention, treatment, and cure of many ailments and diseases. So what are some of the things we know about X-Rays?


1-    X-rays were discovered on December 28th, 1895

2-    Weeks after their discovery the first anatomical imaging experiments were performed in the Netherlands.

3-    The machine used for said experiments was built from equipment belonging to a high school.

4-    X-Rays were originally known as Roentgen Rays, an homage to the man that first discovered them, Wilhelm Roentgen.



So what has changed with X-Rays over the last century? A multitude of things have changed since the discovery of the X-Ray. The technology and procedure initially used for the X-Ray changed dramatically, making the first initial setup used totally obsolete. The initial set up included, among other things, a high voltage transformer with a glass bulb and metal electrodes at the ends. During the early stages of X-Ray technology, there was a problem with prolonged exposure, and high radiation causing serious health problems for patients. Today patients are exposed far less, and while radiation can sometimes present a risk, as a result there are far fewer concerns when comparing past and present testing.


Today imaging has taken a huge turn with newer methods that go beyond the X-Ray. There are CT Scans, MRI, and many more specialized machines that allow Physicians to make more accurate diagnoses and create better treatment plans. With the advent of newer technology imaging will continue to improve and risks associated with it will continue to minimize.


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