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Obama and Obamacare Are Here to Stay

Obama and Obamacare Are Here to Stay

After constantly reading headlines on the presidential race being “tied”, President Barack Obama nudges past Mitt Romney to claim re-election.  You have to admit that even after months of being saturated with political ad campaigns, analysis and the debates, you’ll miss these days before the election.  From the Clint Eastwood speech to Sesame Street’s Big … Read more

Latin America, a Growing Prospect in Medical Imaging.

Latin America, a Growing Prospect in Medical Imaging

The global market for Medical Imaging Equipment Services is forecast to reach $12.35 billion by 2017. Factors driving market growth include rising aging population, growing need for imaging procedures, technological advancements, demand for high-end imaging and replacement systems, emerging clinical applications, and an increasing preference for refurbished equipment. While the US is the largest market … Read more

RUSSIA Among the Emerging Markets to Foresee Growth in Medical Imaging.

Medical Imaging in Russia

Medical imaging is a highly advanced technology sector in an already-advanced medical diagnostics market, comprising of everything from MRI and CT to X-Ray and Mammography equipment. With a new period of growth arising after a turbulent recession, the global diagnostic imaging industry is witnessing new innovations, investments, and spending by government springing up. A 101-page … Read more

Medicare is Requiring All Providers to Revalidate or Risk Having All Billing Privileges Suspended

In a massive anti-fraud effort, approximately 750,000 physicians in the Medicare program will be asked to revalidate their individual enrollment records by next year. The revalidation is required by the health system reform law to target fraud, waste, abuse and improper payments made each year. In 2010, the Medicare agency estimated $48 billion in improper … Read more


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