fuji xc-1 cr

Fuji XC-1 CR

The Fuji XL-1 and XC-1 is a full featured, reliable, and advanced Computed Radiography System.

Fuji XC-1 CR

The Fuji XL-1 and XC-1 is a full featured, reliable, and advanced Computed Radiography System. The XL-1 and XC-1 produce remarkable images with unparalleled imaging in the industry using their specialized imaging tools. The Fuji XL-1 and XC-1 is guaranteed to increase viewing quality, deliver state-of-the-art imaging, and enhance patient care.
fuji xc-1 cr

Fuji XC-1 CR gives you the following benefits:

• Multi-objective Frequency Processing (MFP) simultaneously applies varying degrees of contrast and spatial frequency enhancement to different-sized structures within the same image. This improves the visibility of both dense and peripheral tissue. MFP is especially useful for clearer visualization of implants and other foreign objects that are often susceptible to artifacts that may obscure pathology.

• Dynamic Range Control (DRC) improves visibility of both dense and peripheral tissue, which is essential for seeing through the mediastinum on chest exams.

• Flexible Noise Control (FNC) extracts noise data and suppresses noise levels from images without losing sharpness and associated information. This improves granularity in noisy anatomical regions, such as the lumbar and pelvic areas, and improves image quality in exams when lower doses are expected.

• Grid Pattern Removal (GPR) automatically detects grid patterns, then uses a two-dimensional technique to remove them. This prevents the appearance of a moire pattern, which can occur when using a stationary grid.

• Exposure Data Recognizer (EDR) automatically detects the most important data captured by an Imaging Plate (IP), then applies anatomically-specific processing to present the image optimally for the intended exam. By masking noise and other useless information, Fuji's digital images are more forgiving to variable exposure conditions and minimize post-processing enhancements required by the user.

Every Fuji digital image is scanned at HQ (10 pixel/mm) spatial resolution, regardless of plate size. This means that you get exceptional image detail every time without having to use special IPs - and without impacting throughput*.

The Fuji XC-1 CR provides you with with the following Specification:

• Low Profile Reader/Scanner
• 35-92 Scans Per Hour
• Flash IIP Console Work-
• Station (Optional)
• 3-Reusable Cassette/Plates
• Acquisition/Manipulation/
• Send Software
• Fully Refurbished
• Set Up/Training
• Warranty


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