ge signa vibrant 1-5t

GE Signa Vibrant 1.5T

Signa Vibrant is the most complete, dedicated breast MR scanner available. Named after GE Healthcare's groundbreaking acquisition technique, it is uniquely designed to enhance patient comfort and provide confident imaging – from acquisition through interpretation.

GE Signa Vibrant 1.5T

The Signa Vibrant 1.5T MR system is a dedicated breast MR scanner that enhances patient comfort and image quality to help you deliver accurate diagnoses.

The GE-exclusive Vanguard Breast Table – developed by Sentinelle Medical – includes Variable Coil Geometry (VCG) for optimal positioning of coil elements and maximum image clarity.

Signa® Vibrant dedicated 1.5T breast MR scanner utilizes high-definition technology and applications specifically designed for breast MR, including: VIBRANT acquisition, BREASE spectroscopy, IDEAL fat suppression, integrated CADstream (manufactured by Confirma) and a specially designed breast MR patient table that provides optimal imaging and excellent access for intervention. Signa Vibrant has an innovative, patient-friendly design ideally suited for the environment of many breast-imaging centers. Now you can differentiate your facility with this innovative system designed just for you and your patients.
ge signa vibrant 1-5t

Built on the high-definition platform you know and trust, GE Signa Vibrant 1.5T allows you to see more, do more and expect more than ever before.

VIBRANT lays the foundation for a complete solution with a superior combination of high spatial detail and scanning speed. VIBRANT-XV uses the GE exclusive GEM acceleration technique to further accelerate the scanning speed of GE's patent pending VIBRANT technique. With VIBRANT-XV you can acquire higher resolution faster. VIBRANT-XV still allows the choice of direct sagittal or axial imaging making it easy for you to satisfy your clinicians, and automatically optimizes parameters making it easy for your technologists to give you consistent image quality.

VIBRANT-Flex collects two echoes with water and fat, spins in- and out-of-phase and utilizes a two-point Dixon technique to synthesize water and fat images. Vibrant-Flex optimizes acquisition with a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for acquiring high quality water and fat images. This capability lets the user prescribe thinner slices for high spatial resolution imaging.

BREASE enhances diagnostic confidence by improving the ability to characterize lesions and monitor response to therapy. It is a breast-specific, single-voxel spectroscopy application designed for ease-of-use and enhanced visualization.

BREASE is a single voxel spectroscopy technique that has been designed specifically for the breast. It is designed to enhance your diagnostic confidence and uses an optimized signal detection technique to reliably visualize the presence, or absence, of a choline peak. In addition, BREASE is easy to use – the technologist simply places the voxel over the area of interest.

CADStream by Confirma automatically generates the post-processed series and helps identify the most suspicious washout curves. Sureloc, included with CADstream, enables productive planning of MR-guided biopsies from the console.

The Signa Vibrant delivers patient comfort without compromising quality or capabilities.

Image both breasts in high resolution in one patient visit.

Perform a bilateral breast exam in both the sagittal and axial planes with the same resolution and scan time as a single-breast MR study.

Obtain high temporal resolution without sacrificing spatial resolution.

Eliminate fat with absolute reliability and confidence.

Utilize the bilateral breast imaging technique that is the most sensitive to your patients' diagnostic needs.

Perform procedures that can have a positive economic impact on your practice.

8-channel, 8-element phased array design

Optimized for parallel imaging techniques

Biopsy compatible for both medical and lateral approaches

PURE compatible


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