philips intera 1-0t

Philips Intera 1.0T

the Intera-family offers with this mid field system maximum efficiency, flexibility and performance. All Philips MR products contain SENSE (coil SENSitivity Encoding) technology - that increases scanning speed.

Philips Intera 1.0T

One of the most affordable refurbished MRI systems on the market today is the Philips Intera 1.0T. But just because this is an economical machine doesn’t mean that it can’t perform like the big boys. With quadrature body, head and knee coils, plus the unique Philips Freedom technology, the Intera 1.0T MRI machine can perform a variety of functions. This mid field system is fast, accurate and flexible. Some of the other features include the base Intera 1.0T system, which is available in two gradient strengths, and flexible surface coils C1, C3 and E1. The Philips Intera 1.0T also features Synergy Platform and Synergy Spine Coil.
philips intera 1-0t

Enhanced comfort for patient and staff, Less stressful work environment. Increased procedural efficiency

For the Patient
Positive distraction through personalized control soothes anxieties. Using a touchscreen tablet PC, patients can select from several themes and watch as the room is transformed. Diffused overhead lighting coupled with perimeter Ambient Lighting produces a soft, pleasing effect. Calming sounds and accompanying projected images wrap the patient in a relaxing ambience.

For your Staff
By reducing clutter, recessing cabinetry, and improving the lighting, we’ve developed a more productive, open work environment.

Clean, contemporary architectural design ensures plenty of space to move about
Integrated storage cabinets help store supplies
The diffused dynamic overhead ‘halo’ lighting produces a pleasant wash of color, coordinated with the projected themes. Walls appear to fade away, encouraging a sense of comfort

With Ambient Experience, we carefully integrate the control room into the overall design to facilitate workflow. Opening up the traffic pattern, improving sight lines and organizing control stations, helps support staff to be more effective.

The Philips Intera 1.0T provides you with advanced technology, such as:

SURFACE COILS: Standard: head, body, C1, C3; Optional: Small joint, flex-E, flex-R, endocavitary (L and S), dual TMJ, knee, neck, T/L spine, breast; Optional phased array: Spine, pediatric, 3rd party connector, Optional SENSE Coils: Flex-S-M-L, Flex Body, Flex Cardiac,.

IMAGING MODES: Single Slice 2D , Multi Single Slice 2D, Multi Slice 2D, 3D, Multi Chunk 3D, Multi Stack 3D

SINGLE/MULTI SLICE: RapidView Recon. greater than 500 @ 256 Matrix

DISPLAY MATRIX: 128 x 128, 256 x 256,512 x 512,1024 x 1024 (64 for Bold img)

MAGNET TYPE: Superconducting

SHIMMING: Passive and dynamic


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