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GE Discovery LS 16 Slice PET/CT Scanner

The GE Discovery LS 16 Slice PET/CT Scanner has achieved an absolute sensitivity of 10.0 cps/kBq, one of the highest on any scanner

GE Discovery LS 16 Slice PET/CT Scanner

GE Discovery LS Overview

GE Healthcare is proud to announce that the Discovery* PET/CT 610 has achieved an absolute sensitivity of 10.0 cps/kBq, the highest level found on any scanner on the market.1 Sensitivity is one of GE’s critical foundations of PET/CT imaging, and this double-digit measurement represents a critical milestone. It means the system is designed to deliver fast and detailed scans at low dose.


Sensitivity helps you deliver what we all want most:

  • Short acquisition times
  • Low injected dose per patient
  • Small lesion detectability


  • Innovations with a 40-mm detector at 0.35-sec rotation speed.
  • Up to 60% lower CO2 emissions using the energy saving mode.
  • Advanced applications to help clinicians make a fast and confident diagnosis.
  • ASiR2 technology may allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of diagnostic images.
  • Simplified workflow for quick and streamlined operation.
  • Scalable, modular design for ease of service.
  • 128-slice axial overlapped reconstruction for improved Z-axis visualization compared to non-overlapped reconstruction.

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