ge dmr plus analog mammography

GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography

Dual Track Molybdenum/Rhodium X-Ray Tube Incorporates Several GE Medical Systems Exclusive Technological Advantages to Improve Image Quality, Reduce Exposure Time, and Lessen X-Ray Exposure Time. .01mm and .3mm Focal Spot Sizes Provide High Spatial Resolution and Excellent Image Contrast

GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography

GE Senographe DMR Plus offers the patient a hands free compression exam with compression paddles, has 5 photocells for a wider range of breast placement, digital angulation display, and vertical height adjustment to allow more interaction with the patient, a two Patient Bucky's measuring 18×24 and 24×30 come standard, as does dual footswitch providing easy operation for the technologist. The machine boasts superb image quality with its Maxi Ray x-ray tube and the SharpIQ grid system for cleaner images. It employs a unique, patented bi-metal mammography tube with a Rhodium track for superior imaging of the most challenging breast tissues.

Over the years, GE's Senographe series has set the performance standards by which all other mammography systems are measured. Our engineers have developed one innovation after another, advancing the state of the science - and firmly establishing Senographe as the world leader, with the largest mammography installed base.

Their latest contribution is the development of the Senographe DMR+. Based on a legacy of image quality leadership, plus innovation. New user friendly features such as 5 photocells for a wider range of breast placement, to digital angulation display, hands-free compression, and vertical height adjustment allow more interaction with the patient.
ge dmr plus analog mammography

GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography gives you the following benefits:

In Mammography, Image Quality is Everything. For mammographers, nothing is more important than the diagnostic confidence that results from superb image quality. And no system outperforms the Senographe DMR+, with its new dedicated mammography MaxiRay x-ray tube, and new SharpIQ grid for cleaner images.

Superb Penetration The Senographe DMR+ features the unique new MaxiRay mammography tube - the only bi-metal rhodium/molybdenum tube with inner focusing cone. Rhodium's higher x-ray spectrum provides for superior penetration of the dense breast tissues. This new tube features unequalled image quality in magnification with the most powerful focal spot in the industry. Exposure time in magnification is reduced by up to 40% over previous tubes, minimizing the motion blurring that can necessitate retakes.

The MaxiRay tube's inner focusing cone eliminates scatter, even when no grid is used - such as during magnification views.

Low-dose Results Clinical experience has shown that our rhodium track reduces dose by up to 40% in examinations of dense breasts, without compromise in image quality. In addition, the DMR+ automatically cuts off the exposure at the beginning if the parameter selection is incorrect, avoiding unnecessary x-ray dose to the patient and minimizing retakes.

Image Clarity The DMR+ SharpIQ grid system optimizes the anti-scatter grid movement for each exposure, ensuring exceptional image clarity.

The GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography provides you with with the following Specification:

• Upgraded in May 2001 with kit V6.21 .
• X RAY Tube manufactured MARCH 2005
• 18 x 24 & 24 x 30 Buckys. Automatic Compression.
• Phototimed, ID Data Flasher, Magnification,
• Lead Glass Shield.
• HF Generator, console,Mag Stand,
• Assortment of compression paddles.
• Foot pedals. All cables, wires and Manuals.


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