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GE Instrumentarium Diamond Analog Mammography

Instrumentarium Imaging develops, manufactures and markets Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Equipment, Systems and Solutions for mammography, dental imaging, surgical and interventional imaging.

GE Instrumentarium Diamond Analog Mammography

The award-winning GE Instrumentarium Diamond Mammography system began with a process of analyzing and understanding the key elements involved in breast healthcare. Its intuitive design started with clinicians and patients and then focused on the human touch that if required in the delicate field of breast imaging. With this approach, the Diamond becomes an extension of the user's thoughts and actions.

Instrumentarium Imaging is part of Instrumentarium Corporation, a leading international medical technology company, operating in Anesthesia and Critical Care (Datex-Ohmeda, Spacelabs) and Medical Equipment. Instrumentarium Corporation is listed on the Helsinki Exchanges (INS1V.HE) with ADRs listed on the Nasdaq (INMRY).
ge instrumentarium diamond

GE Instrumentarium Diamond Analog Mammography gives you the following benefits:

High Frequency X-Ray Generator Delivering Constant Voltage

Gabbay X-Ray Tube Incorporates Several GE Healthcare Exclusive Technological Advantages to Improve Tube Life and Image Quality

Exposure Modes - Three Exposure Modes Offer the Ultimate Flexibility and Ease of Use. Microprocessor Control Guarnantees Exceptional Exposure Reproductibility

Photocell (AOP and AEC) may be Set in Five Different Positions With Respect to Breast Anatomy

Adjustable Film Blackening (11 Steps)

Five Film/Screen Combinations

Magnification - Superb Magnification Images are Achieved with 1.5 and 1.8 Magnification Factors and a Single Magnification Platform

Positioning Column

Digital Display of Arm Rotation, Compression Force and Breast Thickness

Motorized Compression is Controlled by Two Compression/Decompression Foot Pedals

Manual Fine Tuning Adjustment

Compression Paddles - Slide Mount for Perfect Stability and Easy Mounting

Image Receptor

Diaphragms - Includes a Set of Blades, Each Dedicated to an X-Ray Beam Format and to the Image Receptor Format

Control Console

DataFlash Patient Identification System Prints Institutional, Patient and Exam Data Directly Onto the Film Following Each Image Exposure

The GE Instrumentarium Diamond Analog Mammography provides you with with the following Specification:

18x24cm Bucky and Compression Paddle

24x30cm Bucky and Compression Paddle

Magnification Stand and Compression


Spot and Spot Magnification

Compression Paddles

Auto Flash I.D.

Control Console

Face Shield

Lead Glass

Foot Pedals

Patient ID Flasher




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