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Here at Amber Diagnostics, we feel that it is important for you to actually see our refurbishment process and get a sneak peek inside our warehouse, in order to get a better understanding of exactly what we do here, and to show you why we have been a leader in the used medical imaging equipment remanufacturing industry for over 20 years. Below you can see we’ve put together some useful videos for you. We also don’t mind showing off our awesome team members!
amber diagnostics corporate video
Amber Diagnostics Corporate Video
amber diagnostics tradeshow display video
Amber Diagnostics Tradeshow Display Video
installing a radiology room in 90 seconds
Installing a Radiology Room in 90 Seconds
amber diagnostics ukraine
Amber Diagnostics Ukraine
refurbisment and intallation of a philips achieva 1-5t mri system
Refurbisment and intallation of a Philips Achieva 1.5T MRI System
shipping refurbished mobile mri by cargo ship
Shipping Refurbished Mobile MRI by Cargo Ship
refurbished mri scanners
Refurbished MRI Scanners
Amber Diagnostics 2016
Amber Diagnostics 2016
amber buys used radiology equipment
Amber Buys Used Radiology Equipment!
iliana mri introduction spanish
Iliana MRI Introduction Spanish
nathan mri coldhead
Nathan MRI Coldhead
nathan mri introduction
Nathan MRI Introduction
tommy ct introduction
Tommy CT Introduction
tommy mri introduction
Tommy MRI Introduction
tommy mri deinstall jacksonville
Tommy MRI DeInstall Jacksonville
nathan mobile mri install
Nathan Mobile MRI Install
tommy mobile mri install
Tommy Mobile MRI Install
jb c-arm introduction
JB C-Arm Introduction
ct and mri crating
CT & MRI Crating
servicing a siemens ct scanner
Servicing a Siemens CT Scanner
amber diagnostics corporate video 2014
Amber Diagnostics Corporate Video 2014
philips intera 1-5t mri installation - russia
Philips Intera 1 5T MRI Installation ~ Russia
ge mobile mri passive shimming process
GE Mobile MRI Passive Shimming Process
used mri system crating and shipping
Used MRI System Crating and Shipping
ge mobile mri installation
GE Mobile MRI Installation
picker marconi open mri deinstallation
Picker Marconi Open MRI DeInstallation
siemens magnetom c deinstallation in hong kong
Siemens Magnetom C! DeInstallation in Hong Kong
toshiba aquilion ct scanner installation
Toshiba Aquilion CT Scanner Installation
container load
Container Load
toshiba aquilion ct scanner de-installation
Toshiba Aquilion CT Scanner De-Installation
mobile mri installation in 90 seconds
Mobile MRI Installation in 90 Seconds
ge ct scanner installation in 90 seconds
GE CT Scanner Installation in 90 Seconds
philips mobile mri installation
Philips Mobile MRI Installation
crating and shipping radiology equipment
Crating and Shipping Radiology Equipment
hitachi airis 2 open mri deinstall in 90 seconds
Hitachi Airis 2 Open MRI DeInstall in 90 Seconds
de installation of a mri scanner in 2 minutes
De Installation of a MRI Scanner in 2 Minutes
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