At Amber Diagnostics we have over 20 years of “end to end service” experience! I’m sure that’s a phrase you’re not used to hearing in the medical imaging equipment refurbishment industry. It’s what sets Amber Diagnostics apart from the competition, and to us it means utmost quality and customer service. We have an excellent team of professionals specifically trained to help you choose which piece of equipment is suited for your facility and your patients. End to end also means that our entire refurbishment process is done in house, under one roof. You heard that right. Amber has a 25,000 square feet facility that’s specifically used for our in house refurbishment.
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Amber Diagnostics Refurbished MRI Scanners

MRI Scanners

Amber Diagnostics offers an extensive selection of used and refurbished MRI Scanners. Our highly skilled experts are ready to walk you through the process of choosing which MRI Scanner is right for your practice and your patients. Amber offers complete MRI support from the moment you call us, to when you’re ready to install, and any technical maintenance you may require.
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Amber Diagnostics Refurbished MRI Scanners

CT Scanners

Here at Amber Diagnostics we have a wide array of used and remodeled CT Scanners available for purchase. Amber offers total support in every stage of the buying process; from discussing which machine is best for you, right down to installing and technical servicing.
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Amber Diagnostics Refurbished CT Scanners

Portable X-Ray

Refurbished Used Portable X-Ray systems are for sale from Amber Diagnostics. Our highly trained experts are ready to meet your needs every step of the way when it comes to this important investment; from first questions, to purchasing, then planning, shipping, installation, and technical service.
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Amber Diagnostics Refurbished Portable X-ray


Amber Diagnostics has been refurbishing medical C-Arms for over twenty years. No matter what your custom requirements are in regards to specific budget and technical plans, Amber has you covered. We are ready to service all your needs in every aspect of the purchasing process; from your first question about the process, down to the last handshake of install, to any mechanical maintenance.
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Amber Diagnostics Refurbished C-Arms

RAD Room

For over twenty years, the experts here at Amber Diagnostics have refurbished used Rad Rooms. Due to our unrivaled set of skills, Amber is an expert in meeting our client’s needs when it comes to every step of the buying process; from any concerns you may have all the way to installing and technical maintenance.
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Amber Diagnostics Refurbished RAD Room


You want the best for your patients, which is why you can rely on the team here at Amber Diagnostics to help you in the process of purchasing the best mammography machine for your practice. We have offered used and refurbished mammography machines since 1994, so our professional Sales Team is ready to walk you through buying, planning, shipping, installation, and technical service.
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Amber Diagnostics Refurbished Mammography

Used & Refurbished Radiology
Equipment for Sale.

Used and Refurbished Medical Equipment for Sale.
Amber Diagnostics has provided quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment worldwide since 1994. Here at Amber we strive to provide professional support with top notch services custom fit specific to the needs of our clients. We specialize in progressive medical imaging technologies including Densitometers, C-Arms, C-Arm Tables, CR Systems, CT Scanners, Mammography systems, Mobile Trailers, Mobile Rentals, MRI Scanners, Portable X-Rays, Rad/Fluoro, Rad Rooms, Ultrasound systems, and Urology systems.

Amber Diagnostics has the exceptional training and capacity required to complete system de-installations, crating, shipping, full refurbishment, digital upgrades, room design layouts, and installations of all medical imaging systems.
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If you’re looking for the highest quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment out there, Amber Diagnostics will surely be your go-to. We not only provide highly trained experts to help you with your initial purchase, we aim to customize the experience for each of our clients; meaning that everything from your financial requirements to your technical ones are met with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

Amber provides MRI Scanners ranging from closed 1.0T, to 3.0T, to Open machines, Stand Up, and Mobile. Our CT Scanners include Single Slice, Dual Slice, all the way up to 320 Slice, and Mobile as well. We have PET/CT systems, both regular and Mobile; C-Arms in Full Size, Mini, and C-Arms Tables; X-Ray systems including Portable, R/F Room, Rad Room, and Urology Suites; Women’s Health which include Bone Densitometer’s, Mammography, and Ultrasound; other modalities like Trailers, Nuclear Cameras, and more; and Ancillary Items from DR to Printers.
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At Amber Diagnostics, we take great pride in knowing that we provide our clients with the highest quality care and greatest selection of products and options. Our used and refurbished medical imaging equipment is who we are. To go even more in depth however, the Info section provides you with Buyer’s Guides on each piece of equipment that we offer, which gives you a breakdown of the different components of the system you’re looking at and a full overview of everything you’ll need to make an informed decision.

Also here you will find satisfied customer testimonials, an About Us page where you’ll learn about the specifics of our company, a Meet Our Team page where you can learn about our exceptional employees; how we go about the shipping, de-installations, installations, and the refurbishment processes, as well as site planning and videos of our facility.
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