Used & Refurbished Radiographic Room

amber diagnostics used and refurbished radiographic room or rad room
A RAD Room is a Radiographic Room, and is used in radiology departments to perform basic X-Ray imaging. At Amber Diagnostics we have RAD Room selections from brands such as GE, Americomp, Universal, Quantum, Del Medical, Summit Industries, and Bennett.

Amber Diagnostics has been refurbishing used Rad Rooms since 1994. Our areas of expertise are not matched anywhere, as we not only have the knowledge to help you choose which RAD Room is best for you, but will customize the experience for you so your financial and technical requirements are met. Each step of the process will be made easy and hassle-free, from installation to technical maintenance.

RAD ROM Manufacturer's

We offer a wide variety of used and refurbished radiology equipment, from MRI scanners, CT scanners, PET/CT machines,
C-Arms, X-Ray Machines, Women’s health equipment and various ancillary Items.

The RAD ROOM has different categories and options.

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amber diagnostics used and refurbished del medical radiographic room or rad room
Del Medical's X-Ray equipment delivers the ease-of-use, image quality and throughput you expect while priced to work within today's tighter departmental budgets. Del's general-purpose X-Ray systems meet both the clinical and economic demands. The Del Medical product line can be configured using a variety of different tables, generators, tube-stands and chest-stands.
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Quantum Q-Rad Radiographic Systems

amber diagnostics used and refurbished quantum q-rad radiographic room or rad room
Quantum's wide selection of system configuration and extensive options, as well as its line of powerful 120 kHz Ultra High Frequency X-Ray Generators, accommodate every type of radiographic system requirement and exam. The systems are also flexible enough to meet various room size requirements, as well as different facility budgets.
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amber diagnostics used and refurbished summit radiology radiographic room or rad room
Ideal for the clinic, group and private practice, these reliable, versatile systems are an outstanding value in Orthopedic radiography.
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Z Motion U-Arm RAD System

amber diagnostics used and refurbished z motion u-arm radiographic room or rad room
The Z-Motion stand is equipped with a comprehensive set of active and passive safety mechanisms, including spatial awareness, optional proximity sensors for preventing collisions and mechanical safety features to protect users and patients. High Performance X-ray Generator The Milestone HF X-ray generator delivers the highest performance and reliability in any radiographic environment. Choose from flexible output power configurations including single-phase stored energy version up to 80 khW of power, and interface options like AEC control, DAP meter, high speed starter, safety interlocks and more. Take advantage of full integration with the digital acquisition system and unparalleled feature set for advanced applications. Service technicians are provided with easy to use configuration procedures with a very short learning curve.
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