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Refurbished & Used X-Ray Machines

Amber Diagnostics has an extensive selection of high quality refurbished & used x-ray machines for sale at competitive prices


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Digital X-Ray System

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MinXRay PowerPlus 120/60 Mobile X-Ray Machine

MinRay PowerPlus

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Why Amber Diagnostics Used X-Ray Machines?

At Amber Diagnostics, our highly trained professionals have been refurbishing used X-Ray machines since 1994. We can customize any X-Ray system according to your financial budget and technical requirements, and you can be sure Amber is more than capable of handling every question you may have during your project. Amber has you covered; we refurbish, site plan, ship, install, train, and offer technical services including preventative maintenance.

Amber Diagnostics offer used Portable X-Ray Machines, Mobile X-Ray Machines, R/F Rooms, RAD Rooms, and Urology Suites for sale. We also offer warranties and financing on this investment for your convenience.

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