Used & Refurbished X-Ray System

At Amber Diagnostics, our highly trained professionals have been refurbishing used X-Ray equipment since 1994. We can customize any X-Ray system to your liking, according to your financial budget and technical requirements; and you can be sure that Amber is more than capable of handling every question you may have in your purchasing process. From buying, to planning, shipping, installation, and technical service, Amber has you covered.

Amber offers Portable X-Rays, R/F Rooms, RAD Rooms, and Urology Suites, so your options in X-Ray equipment are endless. Amber also offers a “Buy your X-Ray” and rental solution for your absolute and total convenience during this important purchase.
amber diagnostics used and refurbished portable x-ray

Portable X-Ray

Portable X-Ray machines are much more versatile than Full Size X-Ray machines, meaning it’s easier for them to maneuver in smaller spaces, and to overcome obstacles because of their size.

At Amber Diagnostics, helping you choose the Portable X-Ray that is right for your practice and your patients is our top priority. We will walk you through the process of purchasing, to installing, to technical maintenance; along the way addressing any concerns you may have. We also offer a customized experience for each of our clients; from your price range to your technical needs, we make sure the refurbished model you end up with is top quality.
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amber diagnostics used and refurbished radiography-fluoroscopy or r-f room

R/F Room

R/F Room stands for radiography/fluoroscopy. An R/F Room machine displays motion, using X-Rays to take “live” images of the body. It is primarily used for parts of the body such as the stomach, small intestine, and colon; for stent placement, and Orthopedic surgery.

For over twenty years, Amber Diagnostics has been reconditioning used R/F Rooms. We have the training and the knowledge to help you through each step of the process, from installation to mechanical service; and to customize your R/F Room to your financial and technical needs.
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amber diagnostics used and refurbished radiographic room or rad room

RAD Room

A RAD Room is a Radiographic Room, and is used in radiology departments to perform basic X-Ray imaging. At Amber Diagnostics we have RAD Room selections from brands such as GE, Americomp, Universal, Quantum, Del Medical, Summit Industries, and Bennett.

Amber Diagnostics has been refurbishing used Rad Rooms since 1994. Our areas of expertise are not matched anywhere, as we not only have the knowledge to help you choose which RAD Room is best for you, but will customize the experience for you so your financial and technical requirements are met. Each step of the process will be made easy and hassle-free, from installation to technical maintenance.
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amber diagnostics used and refurbished urology suite

Urology Suite

Urology Suites are used to diagnose many different issues including kidney failure, urinary frequency, urinary retention, and can help catch Prostate cancer early on. It helps determine if a patient needs treatment for an infection or condition.

Here at Amber Diagnostics, our experts are not only here to help you choose which Urology Suite is best suited to your tastes, but to help meet your financial and technical requirements as well. We will address any questions and concerns you may have, and will walk you through every step of the purchasing process; from planning all the way through to the installation and any technical service you may need.
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