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Frequent Asked Questions

Here we have some of our most frequently asked questions to help you.


Does Amber Diagnostic buy used equipment or accept trade-in’s toward new or refurbished equipment?


How much does (xyz modality) cost?

Prices vary greatly, depending on which system you go with as well as whichever services are included in the sale.  Your best bet for accurate pricing is to reach out to one of our sales representatives to discuss which options makes the most sense for your situation.

Do we offer financing?

Yes, we do! Contact our sales representatives to begin the financing discussion.

How much does it cost prepare a suite for (XYZ Modality)?

I tell customers that the room preparation costs varies greatly from site to site and ultimately they will have to get quotes from contractors. Typical rad room build outs are in the $5,000 – $10,000 range. This would cover the lead shielding, electrical and safety requirements. Also, note that Amber Diagnostics provides site specific architectural drawings for customers to give to their contractor; the drawings are included in the price.

What is your process and how long does it take?

An order is officially placed once a signed Sales Agreement and deposit is received. The next step is site planning; we do two sets of drawings: a conceptual drawing, and a final spec drawing. The final spec drawing is what you will give to your contractor to build out the room. Once we have confirmed the room is ready, we deliver and install the equipment. Final payment is due upon successful installation; this is also when you warranty period begins. On average, this is a 12-16 week process; largely dependent on how quickly the contractor is able to complete the work.

CT and PET/CT Scanners

How long will the equipment be supported?

We generally purchase the most successful Models from each Manufacture. These are the models that were also selected by the OEMs for their Refurb line (GE GoldSeal, Siemens Ecoline, Philips Diamond Select) and can be supported for more than 20-years.

How long will it take to deliver once the order is placed?

Our equipment is generally ready to ship within 90-days but we also need to account for room preparation. For Example: Once the order is placed, your Architect will send us the building layout. At that point Amber will generate the site-specific installation drawings which are needed to obtain building permits. Once Construction is complete, an Amber Field Engineer will perform a site readiness assessment and schedule delivery of your new equipment. The time it takes to prepare the site, to receive and operate your new system, should be taken into account.

Do we need Applications Training if we hire an experienced Tech?

That will largely depend on how well your Tech understands your NEW systems capabilities and how to use them with skill and finesse. The better you can equip your people to deal quickly and intelligently with whatever may arise, the more long-term value you and your patients will receive. Investments you make toward this goal can be recognized many fold over time.


What C-Arm do you recommend?

We recommend the OEC line for three reasons.

  1. Over the years they have established an excellent track record for reliability and image quality.
  2. If you ever need a part for an OEC, they are readily available.
  3. Almost every third party engineer knows how to work on an OEC C-Arm.

Problem with the other manufacturers (Philips, Siemens and Ziehm) is that they have proprietary software that makes a customer rely on them for any service or parts needs. This does not make their purchase cost effective and the image quality on the other systems is of no higher quality that you would get with an OEC.

What does refurbishment consist of?

As part of our 25,000 square foot facility, we have our own paint booth. Asthetically, we completely strip down the C-Arm and use a high gloss paint which basically makes the C-Arm look like a new unit. More importantly, we install new batteries, s-ram and replace the locks. We also replace any parts that do not meet OEC specifications or FDA laws. Since we are married to the system through Amber’s warranty, your C-Arm will be patient ready the day we deliver.

What size room do I need for the C-Arm?

I recommend a 10 x 12 size room. That is the recommendation but I have installed in smaller rooms than this and it has worked out for the facility.

Do I need lead-lining for the room my C-Arm will be located in?

In most cases you will not be required to lead-line the walls because most States consider the C-Arm a mobile device which can be used in a private physician’s office and/ or and OR Suite used during surgery. We suggest you search the Department of Radiation web site for your specific state to better help you determining if this is required.

What paperwork is needed for the state?

Legality wise, Amber Diagnostics will submit the paperwork on your behalf to the state. This is called form 2579 and basically it just tells the state that this particular C-Arm is at this physical location. If and when the state sends a health physicist out to your facility to inspect is up to the state.

What is the turnaround time for delivery?

Once the agreement is signed and we receive down payment, it takes roughly three weeks for delivery.


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Our Equipment Specialists
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At Amber Diagnostics our trained professionals have been refurbishing used imaging equipment since 1994. We are more than capable of handling all questions and services throughout the purchasing process including room planning, shipping, installation, and training. Our warranties and financing can be customized to fit your facility’s needs and budgets. Click here to receive a call from our experts.

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