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Frequent Asked Questions

Here we have some of our most frequently asked questions to help you.

Does Amber Diagnostic buy used equipment or accept trade-in’s for purchase of used equipment?

Yes, Amber has been buying, selling, and refurbishing medical imaging equipment for over 25 years.

 When selling your equipment be sure to include pictures, ancillary supplies, maintenance records or anything else that can provide additional information.

Amber also accepts trade ins to offset the cost of imaging equipment.  Their 25,000 sqft facility contains many popular brand names of CT, MRI scanners, portable x-ray units, general rad rooms, and more.  

Please, check out the blog post “How to sell medical imaging equipment” for more information.

How much does imaging equipment cost?

Pricing depends on:

  1. Type of modality: CT, Portable units, C-arms, Rad rooms etc.
  2. Brand,
  3. Manufacturer
  4. Age of the equipment
  5. Model

Check out Amber’s inventory of medical imaging equipment and contact a sales representative for your site’s specific imaging needs.

Does Amber offer financing?

Yes.  Amber will work with your department to fit the perfect imaging solution within your department’s budget. Contact Amber for more information.

How long will Amber support medical imaging equipment after purchase?

When you buy from Amber, all imaging equipment comes with a standard warranty and service agreement.

Amber purchases high quality equipment available from each major manufacturer: Philips Diamond Select, GE GoldSeal, Siemens Ecoline. These models have been selected by OEMs for their refurbishing lines and parts available when needed.

Contact Amber for more details about extended warranties and service agreements.  

How much does it cost to prepare a General Rad Room, what is the process?

Room preparation varies from site to site and will require quotes from local contractors.

Typically, rad room build outs are in the $5000 – $10,000 range which includes the installation of lead shielding, electrical and safety equipment.

Amber Diagnostics includes the site-specific architectural drawings for the contractor as part of the service. There are two sets of drawings submitted: a conceptual drawing, and a final spec drawing. Then, the final spec drawing is given to a contractor to build out the room.

How long will it take to deliver once the order is placed?

Amber’s medical imaging equipment is generally ready to ship within 90-days, but we also need to account for room preparation. Once the order is placed, your Architect will send us the building layout and the space for the unit. At that point Amber will generate the site-specific installation drawings for the building permits. Once Construction is complete, an Amber Field Engineer will perform a site readiness assessment and schedule delivery of your new equipment.

Is Application Training required?

It depends on how well the staff understands the capability of the new equipment. We always recommend some training just to insure proper use and maintenance of the equipment. One of the advantages of buying refurbished equipment there is no need for extensive training. On the other hand, state of the art equipment requires more training even with experienced technologists. Check with Amber about the various applications training available.

What does refurbishment consist of?

Typically, there are two types of refurbishing, Cosmetic and full service.

Cosmetic includes

  • cleaning,
  • decontamination,
  • painting, sanding,
  • adjusting the brakes and locks
  • and replacing the decals.

A full refurbishing includes all the above plus:

  • Inspection of the whole unit
  • replacement of the tube,
  • replacement of software, wiring, cables, circuit boards etc if needed.

What size room do I need for imaging equipment?

A 10 x 12 size room is recommended but not required. Size of the room will vary, depending on what equipment you have.

What paperwork is needed for the state?

Amber will submit a 2579 form on your behalf which indicates that this specific equipment is at this location. Each State may send out a health physicist to inspect the equipment. Check with your specific state or region for more information.

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