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About us

Amber Diagnostics has been providing Refurbished and Used Medical Imaging Equipment since 1994. We separate ourselves from the industry with experience and resources that allow us to offer Full Turnkey Service with a Project Manager to support you. See what we do!


We offer a complete de-installation package that includes experienced service engineers who first inspect, document, and test the equipment to ensure it meets the manufacturer’s performance specifications. After inspection, we ship our own OEM-specified tools to the site, disassemble, pack, and transport the equipment to our facility.  All equipment is blanket wrapped and strapped for a secure delivery.


Our in-house refurbishment process includes, sanding and painting of all components, replacing and repairing worn parts, electrical refurbishment, final calibration and performance evaluation, and QA (phantom) testing. Your equipment will be transformed back into like-new condition to increase its lifetime and help you grow your business.

Site Preparation

After you select a scanner, we provide you with a specific blueprint based off the exact make and model you’ve selected. This blueprint includes equipment location and layout, environmental and HVAC Requirements, power requirements and wiring diagrams, RF shield and magnetic field considerations, and equipment delivery requirements and procedures. Plan and stay in your budget while making the process a breeze.

Packing / Shipping

All equipment is bubble and shrink wrapped for stability by our expert warehouse team. Large items are packed into Gaylord boxes on pallets with small items packed into smaller boxes. If large equipment is being shipped overseas, our team vapor wraps and crates it for maximum protection. Amber maintains an excellent relationship with overseas shippers, so whether you need ocean or air export, you can trust Amber is ready to handle the process.


An experienced modality specialist service engineer and technician handle your installation. The equipment is carefully inventoried, wrapped, packed, and strapped for safety and shipped to your facility. After the engineer ensures the magnet and supporting equipment are placed into the correct areas, he connects system components, calibrates, and QA tests. We guarantee that your scanner will be patient ready; all while our team works around you and your facility’s schedule.

Storing Equipment

Our 25,000 square foot warehouse holds every piece of equipment we are refurbishing, preparing to pack and ship, and servicing. Amber’s professionals can work on up to 15 projects and our warehouse is large enough to hold 8 MRI magnets at a time. We also house a docking bay, sanding booth, mixing booth, and a painting booth in order to complete your project faster.

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Equipment Maintenance

You can count on us for complete maintenance of your equipment long after you’ve purchased from us. We offer amazing rates on preventative maintenance and a 24-hour response time from our professional team. The extensive array of parts in our warehouse will put your mind at ease when dealing with unexpected issues.


Everyday people around the world can benefit from medical imaging equipment. Sometimes, a scan can be the difference between life and death. This is where we come in. Our company has worked to provide quality medical imaging equipment for over 25 years and has gone above and beyond for our worldwide customers and their patients. With our experienced team and extensive resources, we promise to bring excellent support and reliable end to end service. We have transformed our business over the years to guarantee we are the only company you rely on during your purchase. This commitment to excellence makes us different than most in the industry. With expert guidance and full turnkey service, we set ourselves apart in the best ways.


Amber believes in core family values, and that extends to our relationship with our customers. We want to make you feel welcome and a part of the family. If every step of the purchasing process is made as comfortable and easy as possible; then we have lived up to our core values by making a difference in the lives of our customers and their patients.


Amber Diagnostics has provided used medical imaging equipment to facilities around the world. Our quality of service paired with our experienced engineers ensures we establish and maintain relationships worldwide. Besides the US, we’ve shipped and installed in Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, and Haiti just to name a few. 

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