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Are zero boil off MRI Scanners worth the heavy price tag?

Zero boil off MRI vs. standard MRI Scanner

Let’s dispel a common misconception about the zero boil off MRI Scanner. The refills of liquid helium are still required but not as much as the earlier models. The current cooling technology has improved on MRI units since the 1980’s and 1990’s which prevents significant boil off of liquid helium.  So what are the advantages … Read more

GE OEC 9800 vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arm Comparison

GE OEC 9800 vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arm Comparison

This article will cover the differences between the two most popular units in the world today, GE OEC 9800 vs. Philips Pulsera. Both C-Arms can produce quality images with virtually the same tech specs and features. The Two Major Differences of Both Units The Pulsera comes with a 12-inch image intensifier which makes it ideal … Read more

Upgrade to Digital With a Quick Digital X-ray Retrofit

Digital X-ray retrofit portable screen

Analog portable machines are outdated and need to be replaced with digital equipment to remain competitive and compatible with other health care networks. Doctors and patients are expecting images and results to be easily accessible and electronically sent to other facilities for review. A digital x-ray retrofit is a cost effective way to upgrade to … Read more

Preventing MRI Accidents

MPreventing MRI accidents

MRI exams are often associated with imaging without radiation. Therefore, they are deemed safer than CT or plain x-ray exams. But just like any other medical procedure, precautions must be followed to keep patients and healthcare personnel safe and avoid MRI accidents. There are over 30,000 MRI units installed worldwide with different exams being ordered for various studies. … Read more

What is the Price of a CT Scanner?

What is the price of a CT Scanner.

The price of a CT Scanner primarily depends on whether you purchase from the primary or secondary market. CT scanners have a 20% depreciation rate, so experienced buyers will typically shop for a deal in the secondary market first. This article will break down the cost of used and refurbished CT machines. There are few things … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile CT Units?

Mobile CT scan machine medical trailer

In this article we will cover what are Mobile CT units and how they can be used in any medical setting. First of all, what is a mobile CT unit? To be clear, mobile CT scanners shouldn’t be confused with portable CT units. The portable CT scanners are small, maneuverable, and can fit in patient … Read more

Buying a Bariatric CT Scanner? What to Look For

Bariatric patient talking to doctor

Bariatric CT scanners are gaining popularity because the have larger bore sizes and come equipped with bigger generators with higher output, increased field of view (FOV) and bigger tables which helps reduce anxiety on claustrophobic and obese patients. In addition, excellent post processing software that can perform cardiac, neuro, various GI studies and even can … Read more

What is the CT Scanner Tube’s Lifespan?

CT Scanner machine tube

What is a CT Scanner tube’s life span?  Well It depends on frequency of use, types of exams, and patient population. Studies have shown there is no set limit. There are many factors such as: Mechanical, environmental, and usage, that can affect the life expectancy of the CT tube. Here are some metrics used to … Read more

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