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MRI Phantom

MRI Phantoms and Image Quality Control

Generating accurately rendered images is paramount to any radiological practice. The use of MRI phantoms in calibration and quality control ensures better image generation to make accurate diagnosis of diseases. In this article we are going to talk about the different types of phantoms used … Read more

RF shielding for MRI scanners

RF Shielding for MRI Scanners

MRI scanners use radio frequencies and magnetic fields to produce images of bones, ligaments, and vascular structures in the human body. Because of the radiofrequencies used in image production, MRI scanners require expensive RF shielding to prevent outside electronic interference. In today’s article we will … Read more

Open MRI scanners vs Superconducting units

Open MRI Scanners vs. Superconducting Units

Should your department consider both, superconducting and open MRI scanners? MRI scanners have come a long way since the late 70s and the technology continues to evolve. State of the art-units have higher Tesla strengths, quicker scan times,  and enhanced software for real time imaging. … Read more

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