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6 Slice CT Scanner Spotlight: Philips Brilliance

The Philips Brilliance 6 Slice CT Scanner is one of the most affordable models for those looking for a less expensive alternative to other brands. Not only is the Philips Brilliance affordable, it is also highly acclaimed in the medical community.

The Philips Brilliance is perfectly acceptable in routine imaging practices. It offers fast acquisition speed, top quality images, ease of use, and as mentioned before, an economical price. It also features a DoseWise system that allows you to have the ideal dose efficiency for the highest quality images at the lowest possible dose for your patients.

Expandable and upgradable, the Philips Brilliance is perfect not only for today’s usage but tomorrows as well. When you are ready to use a more powerful machine, the model is capable of growing with you and your business.

There is a long line of legacy and high quality at Philips, so if you ever go to sell your machine, you’ll be happy to know that there is a low return on investment. Here are the technical aspects of the Philips Brilliance:

  • Philips Brilliance Workspace
  • 0 MHU MRC x-ray tube
  • 6 images per second reconstruction
  • .75 second rotation
  • 48kw generator
  • DICOM connectivity

If you would like more information about the Philips Brilliance 6 Slice CT Scanner, our professionals would be happy to help. You can contact them here.

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