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A New Low-Cost Digital Mammography System

A new and inexpensive imaging system is being launched by a spin off company of a Canadian research facility specializing in low-cost, next-generation digital mammography machines. What makes this a great development is that it will allow for image quality while not making price a complication or major concern.

XLV Diagnostics Inc.’s first product is a XLV based mammography detector integrated within a custom-made digital mammography machine with superior clinical performance.

The XLV mammography machine’s cost-performance is expected to disrupt mammography markets, making the company a significant, worldwide player among medical imaging companies. Our goal is to make use of this technology to give millions of women in developing countries broader access to screening for early breast cancer detection.

What no one should lose site of is the fact that this particular development will serve for a better diagnosis as far as the patient is concerned. This development is a way to prove that the technology can continue to get better and create opportunities without becoming cost prohibitive for patients, providers, and everyone involved.

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