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Europe’s Service Market Getting Big Numbers

When you purchase a treadmill, a washer, a dryer, and any other device there is a service contract involved. Often times the service contract is something affordable that doesn’t necessarily get used, at least depending on the quality of the device. In terms of diagnostic imaging equipment the case of contracts and repairs it’s the same thing. The one huge difference is in the numbers, at least Europe’s Service Market.

The main factors that are enriching the service and repair section of the diagnostic imaging are the following:

  • A spike in aging population.
  • A largely unhealthy population.
  • Continued equipment use.
  • Equipment wear and tear.

People specializing in the repair of CT scanners, MRI scanners, and other equipment are looking at a very nice enterprise. The growth is projected over a 7-year period, but the numbers reveal that over those seven years it’s 150 million per year. While these numbers are accurate when you look at the factors of population and wear and tear, there are certain factors that are not being looked at. The factors that may well improve the numbers are the following:

  • New technology requiring specialization.
  • More hybrid modalities.
  • A major spike in the parts sector.
  • Continued growth in the refurbished sector.
  • Higher prices on new equipment requiring higher prices on repair contracts.

While the bolstered numbers take into account the purchase of high-end systems, high parts costs, and facilities participating, they fail to look at how changes in technology will affect the market for repair negatively. Once there is a hybrid modality that requires more than regular repair, there will be a call for training that will result in greater expense and tighter certification regulations. These factors as well as the positive factors looking at the numbers can serve to send the numbers in any multiple set of ways. There is nothing that says that the projected billion-dollar growth won’t fall short, or double the expected growth. Only the future will tell what will ultimately happen.

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