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Global Medical Market

With the passing of time and the constant changes in the economy there’s always something new to look at. Most recently the economy has been in terrible shape given the unstable nature of multiple sectors in an international level. Wars, unrest, and ideological disagreements, have made it difficult for sectors to really thrive. One sector that always seems to thrive is medical technologies. Diagnostic imaging is experiencing great growth even in stagnated times.

The market is broad and it’s only getting broader with the advent of new technologies. New implementations to MRIsCT scanners, and other modalities, are making new niches in the market. The overall growth of the market is looking at over 30 billion in revenue over the next few years.

The growth is diagnostic imaging and the medical technologies market is marked by a decidedly international flavor. With the BRIC countries becoming the leader in terms of economic progress and a strong drive in healthcare, there is definite room for the broadening financial number. The market on an international level has already grown past the 7.5 billion euro mark and is looking to go beyond that by 2017.

The emerging markets such as the Philippines and many other markets will likely grow more exponentially as time goes on. It’s been estimated that shipment figures for different types of equipment will nearly double from 15% to nearly 25% in the next three and a half years. Part of what’s making this growth pop is the transition into digital equipment as well as the creation of new and better technology to get better in depth imaging.

While this are all positive signs for specialized vendors, there are certain challenges that lie ahead. Any new equipment released may prove to be initially cost prohibitive. There are also concerns for increased shipping costs as well how emerging markets in developing economies will attempt to implement the equipment with older functioning modalities.

Although there are multiple questions to ponder it will be interesting to see how the numbers change. If trends continue the way they are, the numbers will likely exceed the projection.

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