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iPad and Diagnostic Imaging

The iPad, iPhone, and any form of i device serves a million purposes. From making a phone call, to paying your bills, to texting and checking emails, there’s very little that you can’t do. Currently the FDA has cleared many uses for i devices as far as diagnostic imaging concerned. From being able to read results and so on devices, specifically tablets have become a big plus. While chances are that you won’t be able to perform a CT scan or MRI on a device of that nature, it’s good to see them make this kind of progress. There are so many positive implications to this such as:

  • Being able to discuss results with a patient on a level that seems less complicated.
  • Being able to give patients copies of their records on their device.
  • Opening up the medical technologies market and creating new sales opportunities.


Not every country is on board with the idea though. Germany has a size requirement as far as what the smallest screen should be for viewing an image. When company decides to create an iPad type device that’s 15” then Germany will agree. To think that an iPad can read emergency CT results is a great thing though.


In an article about this development it was stated that “From a clinical standpoint, there are potentially attractive application areas for the iPad primarily with respect to quick preliminary evaluation on duty or for real-time consultation of a radiological background service or experts”. This development cuts down on service time and actually improves work- flow.


From a diagnostic imaging perspective this actually boosts future economic statistics, especially if you are using a CT scanner one plus is to be able to tell patients about iPad results, granted that if it’s an emergency the patient will not really be wondering what you can and cannot do with an iPad. With the many possibilities one thing is certain, the CT scanner will continue to evolve with the medical technologies market.


If you have any questions about CT scanners please feel free to give us a call. Our team of experts here at Amber Diagnostics looks forward to answering any questions that you may have.


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