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Purchasing the Right Urology System

You want to expand your urology practice to imaging and you did a lot of research in terms of the equipment. You talked to experts from engineers, to sales executives, to other physicians. You did side by side comparisons of the outstanding Hydra Vision Plus from Liebel Flarsheim and the OEC 2800 UroView from GE and made a final decision. After ample consideration you feel that what’s best for your practice is the OEC 28000 from GE and you want to move on.


Your decision is made but you want to double check a few things so you want a full breakdown of what your investment is getting you. In that breakdown you want every spec you can think of down to the very last tech term. You have someone that’s going to go over it with you and answer any questions that you may have, your sales person, who should be armed with knowledge and backed by expertise. The following is a brief list  explaining some of the dimensions of your urology system:


SOLD: Globally
Table; LxW, cm (in): 119 x 76
Travel, cm (in) Longitudinal: 51 (20)
Transverse: 25 (10)


Once these measurements have been thoroughly explained you’ll want to know about the imaging features that you are paying for, the ultimate goals here is the right system, a comfortable patient and the best diagnosis. When discussing your decision you will hear the following imaging features are a part of your new system:


  • A 1000×1000 pixel monitor resolution
  • A display rate of 30 frames per second
  • A display storage function capable of storing 400 frames
  • Optional storage for up to 9,000 images
  • Zoom enhancement
  • Frame averaging
  • Zoom
  • Roam


Once you are sure that these are the imaging features you want you will question what some of the accessories are and, also, options that you can put in to your system in order to optimize it. With this particular system there are many options to chose from:


  • Standard foot and hand controls
  • Optional drain pan
  • Drain hose connect
  • Tissue screen
  • Disposable drainbag
  • Optional crutches for the knee/leg/foot
  • Leg holders
  • Optional alcock boots
  • Optional pediatric stirrups
  • Padded arm board for optimized comfort
  • Optional shoulder braces
  • Surgeon’s elbow rest
  • Optional cysto seat


After being given a full breakdown you are satisfied with your choice as well as the people that helped you arrive at it. It’s always important to engage in thorough system comparisons more than once simply because you never know which system is best for your own needs.


If you have any question about urology imaging equipment or any other modalities please feel free to give us a call. Our team of experts her at Amber Diagnostics is eager to answering any questions that you may have and helping you chose what modality is right for you.


John (JB) Brant
Sales Manager


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