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Radiology Equipment Warranties with Amber Diagnostics

Amber Diagnostics receives plenty of questions regarding medical imaging and radiology equipment warranties on a daily basis. When you begin to look around at estimates and pricing, pay close attention to the warranty in order to determine what parts are included, as well as the duration of the warranty coverage. Warranty coverage can be from the first clinical scan to one entire year. However, the longer the warranty is, the more costly the equipment will be.

Amber’s warranty and/or service programs can be custom fit to your technical and budgetary restraints, which means that our experts will be able to go over all of the details with you in order to make sure that you’ll never even begin to worry about warranty.

Whether it’s an MRI machine, CT scanner, Mammography machine, or any of our other medical imaging or radiology equipment, Amber can give you a hassle free warranty experience.

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At Amber Diagnostics our trained professionals have been refurbishing used imaging equipment since 1994. We are more than capable of handling all questions and services throughout the purchasing process including room planning, shipping, installation, and training. Our warranties and financing can be customized to fit your facility’s needs and budgets. Click here to receive a call from our experts.