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The Difference Amber Diagnostics Has Made: A Retrospect of Our Trip to Nigeria

As one of Africa’s largest economies, emerging markets with large populations such as Nigeria have always been a top priority for Amber Diagnostics. Tommy Dukes has seen the difference that Amber Diagnostics makes in the lives of others, including those in Nigeria. In the summer of 2014, he was sent there with some other team members in order to conduct an MRI installation.

He says that before June of 2014, there were no functional MRI Scanners or CT Scanners in Imo State, Nigeria, where he and his team made the install that summer. The state has about four million people, so having an MRI Scanner and a CT Scanner is essential not only to the medical advancements of the state, but to the life span of its populace, giving those sick patients who normally wouldn’t have the choice to have their specific problems diagnosed a fighting chance. It is a testament not only to Tommy and the team members on the project, but to Amber Diagnostics’ values as well.

Tommy meeting with Governor Owella Rocha of Imo State, Nigeria — Summer 2014

We go above and beyond for our clients and their patients, which is what sets Amber Diagnostics apart from the competition on so many different levels. We are willing and able to go where other companies simply will not, or cannot travel to, in order to provide high quality diagnostic equipment to those in this world who need it the most.

In Tommy’s own words, “The fact that we were able to assist in a project that can potentially save so many lives, speaks volumes about our team’s versatility and commitment to what we do. No other American company was willing or able to accomplish what we did in Nigeria.”

Amber’s readiness to go where others will not because of location challenges is what makes this company so distinctive and unique; not to mention our dedicated team members like Tommy who are willing to leave home in order to perform such admirable tasks. It’s the reason all of us here at Amber look forward to coming to work in the morning; we know what we are doing has a real meaning and impact on the lives of others, and having that knowledge at the end of every day is a beautiful and wondrous thing.

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