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Tips for CT Scanner Buyers

As with any investment you make, you want to do your research and homework beforehand when buying a CT machine for your facility. Be prepared to ask all the appropriate questions, and have answers ready for the seller about what you are looking for, your demographics, and especially your budget. Below are some tips to help you out prior to purchasing your system.

  • Before buying a CT scanning system, facilities must evaluate patient population, clinical needs, and desired throughput.
  • Be sure you know what type of CT machine your facility requires. Amber’s professional sales team can also help you determine the right CT machine for your requirements.
  • Remember, multi-slice CT scanning systems can handle more complex exams and more varied patient populations. On average, a 16-slice CT system can adequately perform most routine clinical exams.
  • Computer Tomography systems may also be different in the speed of image reconstruction, so choosing the right hardware and software configurations is key to optimizing patient throughput.
  • Buyers should also consider the system’s cycle time, spatial resolution, data-storage features, and helical scanning protocols when comparing CT models & manufacturers.
  • Be sure to cover all the potential safety measures in early design considerations before the purchase of CT systems, because they raise the cost of construction.
  • Buyers should always ask about the length of warranties, and which services and parts are covered by the warranty. You want to make certain the warranty covers enough for long term success.
  • To really understand its functionality and compatibility with the specific facility, customers are encouraged to examine CT scanner models they are considering as it is operating.
  • Site planning & room construction woes? Not only does it require careful planning, but speculation from different individuals can mean constant changes, delayed implementations, and ultimately extra costs. To mitigate these hassles, ask the vendor to provide a carefully designed plan.
  • Construction considerations should include power, air conditioning, and OEM installation requirements. A CT system’s ability to produce artifact-free images may rely heavily on the electrical power energizing the instrument. Buyers should install surge suppressors and means for automatic disconnection if the power fails.
  • Keep in mind that the reliability and lifespan of the CT scanning system can be harmed if adequate air-conditioning for the computer equipment is not provided.
  • Finally, always choose an experienced supplier whose CT service and training resources are reliable and reputable. Contracts between buyer and supplier should always be guaranteed in writing.

If you need honest answers to any questions regarding CT purchases or would like to suggest more tips for buyers, feel free to contact us. I look forward to hearing from you!

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