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Top 5 Ways to Make Sure Your IDTF Medicare Application is Not Rejected.

Some of us know far too well how frustrating the application process for IDTF Medicare can be, especially when we don’t receive the funds we so badly need; and trust me when I say that aggressive phone calls and profanity will not help the application get approved. While you do need to be proactive and stay on top of your application from the moment you mail it out, there are other tips to follow so you can avoid getting rejected in the first place.

Number One: Fill Out Correct Information

“Well, duh!” is probably what you’re thinking for number one. But there is more to this than meets the eye. Forms will get rejected if you do not have proper spelling, punctuation, and more. For example, if you don’t use your comma sense and indicate Amber Diagnostics LLC as your business name, but the IRS form lists your company as Amber Diagnostics, LLC, you can bet on getting your application back – unapproved. As straightforward as this may seem, it is common to overlook the minor details that will essentially cause a delay.

Number Two: Licenses

Make sure licenses for all radiologists, physicians, and technicians are not expired. Remember, renewals must be requested 60 days prior to expiration in order for it to process in a timely manner. Set up a system to keep track of license expirations and renewals to ensure all licensing is up to date. As much as we love to procrastinate, this is a situation where taking action ahead of time is your best bet.

Number Three: The Living Bible

CPT CodesWhile a simple prayer might help with this process, what is really meant by the Living Bible is the Current Procedural Terminology, or better known as the CPT Code. CPT codes directly
affect cash flow; if these are not up to date on your application, you will not receive the proper funds. These codes represent the medical, surgical, or diagnostic service a practitioner provides for their patients. The American Medical Association (AMA) is responsible for creating, changing, and discarding these codes. In essence, be sure your current CPT codes match those that have been updated and changed, and remove any that are no longer valid. You only have 60 days to review and ensure the codes are correct.

Number Four: P-TAN Number

The Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN) is considered to be more important than the social security number. A PTAN is required for all physicians and facilities including clinics, hospitals, private practices, and more. To make the application process smoother, it is best that the PTAN number is registered within the state the application is being processed in. Normally, these codes are composed with a series of numbers or a combination of numbers and alpha characters. The PTAN number is also known as the Medicare Provider Number or Legacy Number, but is not to be confused with the Tax ID, NPI, Medical Group, or UPIN number.

Number Five: CP-575 Taxpayer ID (EIN)

Yes, there is yet another code to process. The Tax ID number for the group practice or organization is required for applications as an acceptable proof of the legal business name. When you receive a letter with the Employer Identification Number (EIN), do not discard it! This is the only document stating the EIN, and you will be required to submit it as proof of the tax ID matching the business name. Be sure to make copies of this document and file it properly. If you are one to lose paperwork, be sure to scan it and store it in a secure folder on your computer; and if you are one to forget your safe place on the computer, well, perhaps you should put someone else in charge of Medicare billing.

With all the special codes you need for the application, it’s almost like playing a numbers game. But really, it’s not about complicating your life; it’s about following simple, yet meticulous instructions that are not specified by any means.

If you have other tips for us, or are having trouble getting your Medicare application to go through, feel free to contact us. Good luck!

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Bobby Serros

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