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Mobile PET/CT Rental

Amber Diagnostics provides Mobile PET/CT Rental services to customers throughout the United States

Mobile Siemens Biograph TruePoint 16 Slice PET/CT Scanner


If your facility doesn’t have room to expand to add a new modality, a stationary mobile configuration allows much more flexibility to your facility.

Patient Volume:

Maintain patient volumes during equipment downtime or an upgrade, reduce your patient backlog for diagnostic imaging or test the response to additional capacity with a lower-risk, limited-time commitment.


Add imaging services to your facility without the commitment of capital dollars.


The PET/CT mobile unit provides you with the following features:

  • Dual Slide-Outs in Gantry room providing increased patient comfort and maximizing throughput.
  • Patient changing room.
  • Patient lift, roll up door and stair well.
  • HVAC and humidity control system.
  • Emergency street and curbside lighting.


The mobile unit requires sufficient room to be maneuvered and positioned for setup and takedown. The mobile unit has many storage compartments and service doors that require access during these procedures as well as during operation. The patient lift, entry stair and optional platform require additional space on the passenger side of the mobile unit.

  • Level support pad or adequate space in parking lot.
  • Hardline Phone and internet connectivity.

Also consider the following items for the location of your mobile PET/CT Rental unit.

  • Consider patient access as main criteria.
  • Possible impacts of Magnet Field while scanning (delivery trucks, dump trucks, trains).
  • Magnetic exclusion Zone: 8ft from Trailer walls.

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A reputation for quality and affordability, plus a reduction in operating costs, while maintaining state-of-the-art capabilities. We also provide a network connectivity with PACS, workstations, and other DICOM imaging destinations.


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The following images are only for guidance purposes.

Medical imaging mobile unit blueprint top view.
Medical imaging mobile unit blueprint to view.
Medical imaging mobile unit blueprint passanger side view.
Medical imaging mobile unit blueprint side view.
Medical imaging mobile unit blueprint back view.
Medical imaging mobile unit blueprint back view. Stair/lift elevation.

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