ge millenium vg nuclear camera

GE Millenium VG Nuclear Camera

The Millennium VG (formerly Elscint Varicam) is a dual head, multi geometry (variable angle) nuclear medicine camera with LFOV detectors. The VG was designed for general purpose studies and is capable of whole body, planar and SPECT imaging.

GE Millenium VG Nuclear Camera

The all-purpose, dual-head, variable-angle detectors position you for flexibility and convenience. They move independently or together for optimal patient positioning. With advanced VLSI technology and real-time 5D event corrections, the digital detectors of the VG3 yield industry-leading count-rate performance and superb image quality along the entire useful energy range.

Real-time Automatic Body Contouring lets each detector automatically follow each patient’s unique anatomy and slightest movements to maintain a uniform distance between the detector and patient. The result: higher resolution scans and consistent image quality in every study.

The Millennium VG Slip-Ring gantry has major benefits to the whole range of clinical applications of Nuclear Medicine. It optimizes continuous tomographic dynamic scans, minimizes patient motion artifacts in tomographic exams, or permits high-speed SPECT orbiting, increasing throughput at the same time that it optimizes image quality. The VG highly sensitive 3/8” digital detectors are specially designed to read and utilize energy from all routinely used tracers, no matter how distant and small their signals.
ge millenium vg nuclear camera

GE Millenium VG Nuclear Camera gives you the following benefits:

Slip ring gantry allowing unlimited tomographic rotation

Externally mounted detectors

Automated body contouring

Automated, simultaneous dual collimator changing

Rectangular 500mm x 400mm FOV

The GE Millenium VG Nuclear Camera provides you with with the following Specification:

Detector Geometry Dual-head variable angle

Gamma Camera Type SPECT/CT

Height 83 in

Length 69 in

Patient Weight Capacity 440 lbs

Weight 5600 lbs

Width 83 in



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