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GE Innova 3100-IQ Cath Lab

The GE Innova 3100-IQ cath lab is an image-guided system with an optional panel size for cardiovascular or interventional imaging

GE Innova 3100-IQ Overview

The GE Innova 3100 IQ Plus system is designed for a wide range of imaging to address your cardiac and interventional needs. The 3100 IQ has a field of view well suited for a variety of vascular and interventional procedures, from neuro to peripheral exams. Amber’s pre-owned, refurbished Innova 3100 IQ also helps give you the agility for the steep angulations required for angiography.

  • Acquire 3D views in any anatomy.
  • See anatomy clearly.
  • Use automated dose-management tools and tableside dose-reduction features.
  • Increase productivity with remote connectivity, proactive system log analysis, and real-time processing.
  • Stay patient-focused with the innovative gantry design, versatile table, and user-friendly interface.

Interventional Radiology Re-Imagined

Refurbished integrated cardiovascular Solutions from Amber Diagnostics transforms how you diagnose, treat and monitor vascular disease. The Innova IQ delivers exquisite image quality with Industry-leading dose efficiency.

You can perform critical procedures. Precisely place stents. Intervene in the course of a life. If you can find heart or vascular disease sooner, you can help people live longer, fuller lives.

GE Innova 3100-IQ Cath Lab

Sample Cath Lab Room Design

Diagram should only be used as a sample. Speak with your Amber rep for customized drawings specific to your location and room dimensions.

Why Buy a Philips Allura FD20 Today?

1. Innova 3100 IQ new generation of flat panel detector for fluoro cardio vascular provides more flexibility than the previous Innova.
  • Better speed motion management.
  • Better angulation due to a smaller cover for the XR tube.
  • Better user interfaces handles and control panels.
  • Better image quality with a new detector and new collimator.
  • Better dose management efficiency with new software control.
  • Better angio capabilities with DSA and fluorostore (200 images).
  • Better reliability with integrated UPS for the computer and optional UPS for XR emission for the generator.
  • Better image management with the new in room broswer displaying multi sequences into the in room TV monitor and send angle from the reviewed sequence to the gantry positioner.
  • Better safety with a new patient contouring option, who follow the shape of the patient during fast gantry motion.
  • Better workstation with the new AW 4.3 design for in room display, 3D reconstruction and CT-MRI- US cardiac management.
  • Better fast spin cardiac who gives the cardiologist to perform less injections, new acquisition protocols and LAO-RAO spin capability for oblique acquisitions.
2. Evolution: Innova 3100 IQ with it’s new innova central touch screen console can easily provide links
  • To haemodynamic inorder to control record of pressures and ECG traces.
  • To networking and workstation.
  • To IVUS when provided into the cath lab room.
  • To 3D coronary reconstruction.
  • To VCT when is connected.
  • To general cardiac US.
3. DSA & 3D
  • New road mapping , DSA with landscape, automatic tracking in DSA during bolus chase Innova Breeze.
  • New 3D angio vascular reconstruction.
  • New 3D Cardiac PAEION reconstruction.

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