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toshiba asteion vp

Toshiba Asteion VP

The Toshiba Asteion VP is a very economical option for a reliable CT scanner that covers most clinical applications.

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toshiba asteion vp


The Toshiba Asteion VP is a very economical option for a reliable CT scanner that covers most clinical applications.

The Asteion VP includes an array of options to fit most clinical applications.

Features of the Asteion VP include excellent reliability, 0.45 mm high contrast resolution, 2.5mm at 2.5 HU low contrast resolution, high patient throughput, and low patient dose.


Toshiba Asteion VP gives you the following benefits:

Real-time exposure control with SUREExposure™ automatically adjusts the tube current to patient anatomy to reduce dose with no loss in image quality.

  • Up to 40% dose reduction
  • Automatic tube current modulation
  • Dose optimized for each patient’s anatomy


The Toshiba Asteion VP provides you with with the following Specification:

  • 0.8 mm slice thickness for high resolution imaging.
  • Quantum detector material with highest sensitivity for best low constrast resolution.
  • Up to 0.75 sec/rotation for fast scanning.
  • X-ray tubes: Standard, 2 MHU X-ray tube; Powerful, 3.5 MHU X-ray tube.
  • Intuitive scanning with Guided Mode.
  • FlashStart, patient optimised contrast guided scanning.
  • FlashView – CT viewing during helical scanning.
  • Quantum Denoising Software, dramatically reducing exposure dose, while maintaining image quality.


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