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GE LightSpeed Ultra 8 Slice CT Scanner

The refurbished 8 Slice GE LightSpeed Ultra CT Scanner remains one of the fastest machines on the market today

GE Lightspeed Ultra Overwiew

The refurbished GE Lightspeed 8 Ultra CT Scanner remains one of the fastest 8-slice CT machines on the market today. When released, the Lightspeed 8 Ultra was advertised as a premium pediatric CT scanner because it could deliver pediatric exams up to 3-times faster than a 4-slice CT scanner. Today it remains true.

  • Sub-second scan time
  • 70 cm gantry aperture
  • 6.3 MHU Tube
  • MX200 X-ray tube
  • Dose Optimization
  • Breathing Lights
  • In-room Start
  • Remote Gantry Tilt
  • Controls on Front and Back of Gantry
  • 6.3 MHU Tube
  • Solid State Detectors
  • High Performance DAS Operators Console
  • 53KW Generator
  • 10 to 440 MA
  • Subsecond Scan Time
  • Dual Monitors
  • Helical Tilt
  • Variviewer
  • 70 CM Gantry Aperture
  • Magnetic Optical Disk Storage
  • +/- 30 Degree Gantry Tilt, 120 Second Helical