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GE Senoclaire Mammography Machine

The GE Senoclaire mammography machine is an upgradeable platform designed to deliver clinical confidence

GE Senoclaire Overview

Due to its low dose and non-inferior clinical accuracy, SenoClaire has the potential to replace digital mammography exams in screening at half the dose to help you detect breast cancer.


The SenoClaire detector delivers high DQE at low dose for visualizing microcalcifications without binning, a process that regroups pixels for faster readout speeds and improved signal-to-noise ratios, but with reduced image quality.

Optimization of Parameters (AOP) helps you identify the densest breast regions and automatically selects the appropriate anode, filter, kV and mAs to ensure repeatable image quality at optimized radiation dose.

  • SenoBright Option.
  • 2D & 3D Imaging.
  • Includes an IDI MammoWorkstatio.
  • Step-and-shoot tube motion preserves microcalcification sharpness and avoids image blur, since the tube makes a complete stop for each of the nine exposures.
  • An anti-scatter solution designed for tomosynthesis, the SenoClaire grid in 3D reduces scattered radiation while preserving dose and performance.