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Siemens Inspiration Mammography Machine

The Siemens Inspiration mammography machine ensures high performance and excellent image quality

Siemens Inspiration Overview

Right dose is the Siemens Healthineers principle of protecting women from unnecessary radiation in screening – while pursuing premium image quality. PRIME is a unique technology that reduces dose by up to 30%2 without compromising image quality, a significant breakthrough in achieving the right dose.


Up to 30% less dose and uncompromised image quality – with PRIME Technology.

Increase diagnostic certainty with highly defined tissue and lesion morphology in unprecedented detail. Gain deep insights in 2D and even 3D, leading to more accurate and early detection.

Enable high patient throughput and reduce the need for staff training with time-saving features and the unique syngo user interface.

  • Detector technology: amorphous selenium (aSe)
  • Detector size: 24 cm x 30 cm (9.5“ x 12“)
  • X-ray tube anode material: Mo/W
  • Filter: Mo/Rh
  • Swivel range: +180° to –180°, motorized, isocentric rotation
  • Vertical travel, motorized: 69 cm (27.2“) to 150 cm (59.1“)
  • Source-detector distance: 65 cm (25.6“)