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Siemens Novation Mammography Machine

The Siemens Novation mammography machine features the latest digital full-field technology

Siemens Novation Overview

The Mammomat Novation mammography machine combines the proven and favorite features of Mammomat 3000 Nova analog mammography system with the latest digital full-field technology. It offers the best of both worlds and so much more.

Direct-to-digital technology FFDM amorphous selenium detector with excellent absorption rate, resolution, and DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency). Advanced image processing for better visualization of breast borders as well as structures in dense tissue.

  • SoftSpeed slows down the compression plate after its initial contact with the breast and then adjusts the speed according to compression resistance.
  • Opcomp® compresses only as long as the breast is soft and pliable and stops at the point of optimal compression for maximum image quality.
  • Opdose® automatically selects the best anode/filter combination (Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh,W/Rh) and the lowest dose for the individual breast characteristics.
  • Isocentric and motorized movements of the swivel arm enable precise and easy positioning of the breast in all projections.
  • Mammomat Novation features an integrated generator and movable glass protection – room space requirements are minimized.
  • Digital receptor: Amorphous selenium
  • Digital detector size: 24 x 29
  • Pixel matrix (RESOLUTION) 2400 x 2900
  • Digital grid ratio 4:1
  • Pixel size: Sandard mode: 70m Microns
  • Pixel size: HR mode: 20 lp/mm
  • DICOM storage
  • DICOM modality worklist