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Refurbished and Used PET/CT Scanners

Amber Diagnostics has an extensive selection of high quality refurbished and used PET/CT scanners for sale at competitive prices Featured Our Most RequestedPET/CT Scanners Choose The Best Why Amber Diagnostics Used PET/CT Scanners? Since 1994 Amber Diagnostics has offered a wide array of quality refurbished … Read more

Mobile PET/CT Rental

Amber Diagnostics provides Mobile PET/CT Rental services to customers throughout the United States Overview If your facility doesn’t have room to expand to add a new modality, a stationary mobile configuration allows much more flexibility to your facility. Patient Volume: Maintain patient volumes during equipment … Read more

Medical Imaging Equipment Rental

Amber Diagnostics offers imaging equipment rentals to all US customersOur range of rental imaging equipment includes Mobile MRI, CT, and PET/CT Scanners Get Started Request Pricing Today! We’re here to help! Simply fill out the form to tell us a bit about your needs. We’ll … Read more

ROI Calculator

Our Return on Investment calculator helps you determine how your investment is going to help you grow as a business


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At Amber Diagnostics our trained professionals have been refurbishing used imaging equipment since 1994. We are more than capable of handling all questions and services throughout the purchasing process including room planning, shipping, installation, and training. Our warranties and financing can be customized to fit your facility’s needs and budgets. Click here to receive a call from our experts.