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3D The Next Big Thing

When you think of 3D the first thing that comes to mind is those old time glasses, one side red and one blue. The great thing about 3D was that it never seemed to get old even though it had been around forever. Over the last 50 years, 3D has become something of a phenomenon that we can’t live without. When we go see films, we love that 3D sensation of having a car come at us or seeing a fight so close that we feel like we are a part of it. Diagnostic Imaging is actually getting a big pop in terms of 3D and what it means.


3D The Next Big Thing in Diagnostic Imaging Over the last couple of years, 3D Imaging has made a huge difference in diagnostic imaging and it has also seen a huge forecast in terms of worth over a five year period. The estimated growth of 3D imaging is something close to 6 billion dollars by the year 2017. So what will 3D imaging mean overall? As far as diagnostic imaging is concerned it already means a great deal. Let’s take a look at where it’s at now, Acutus medical is developing a minimally invasive, real-time, 3D cardiac chamber imaging and dipole density mapping system. The purpose of this system is to identify what causes cardiac arrhythmias.


This type of advancement in diagnostic imaging only shows the kind of bold steps forward that will result in huge treatment improvements for complex conditions. It’s great to realistically be able to hope that heart attacks and strokes can be avoided almost altogether. While 3D is likely to have several different issues worked out, there’s no question that it will continue to improve as time passes. With companies like Acutus raising millions of dollars that go toward research and development, technology will only improve as time goes on. The markets in the lead such as Europe and the US will continue to push the growth and improvement of 3D imaging overall.


According to an article published in, “Europe represents the largest regional market, although the United States constitutes the single largest market globally. The escalating usage of MRI, CT, and ultrasound imaging has fueled the growth of the European market for 3D medical imaging.” Strong healthcare drivers will continue to be the key behind 3D, 4D, and every single D imaginable as far as imaging is concerned. The possibilities are endless and quite exciting for everyone involved, especially patients hoping for something better to treat their conditions.


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