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Growing Market for C-Arm Systems

According to a report conducted by the Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), minimally invasive procedures along with the evolution of new application areas is fore-casted to drive the growth of mobile C-arm systems. Excluding mini C-arms, the global market for fluoroscopy and mobile C-arm systems was estimated at 9,403 units in 2011, and projected to grow to 11,486 units and $1.4 billion by 2017.


In developed markets such as Western Europe and the United States (which represents the largest market worldwide), business has been fairly steady. Meanwhile, in emerging markets including China, Brazil, Russia and the Middle East, business has been booming over the past year, and becoming more aligned with the larger markets.


“A shift from traditional open surgery to minimally invasive surgery often requires the use of visualization or imaging where the surgeon cannot see with direct line of sight,” says Joe Shrawder, president and CEO of GE Healthcare Surgery.


“The developing world’s [surgical teams are] becoming better at it, and more aware of it, and more conscious about providing patients with the best available surgical techniques.”


The evolution of new application areas, such as the capability to image the body’s torso and head, is another area that will help the C-arm systems industry grow. Demographic trends toward a heavier, aging population may also drive procedure growth.



“The population in general is getting older and the U.S. is getting heavier; those two factors coincide with some health issues that mobile C-arm systems are used for, including image guidance during spine surgery, orthopedic trauma surgery, joint replacements and vascular surgery,” says Mark Manum, director of marketing for Philips Healthcare’s OR channel.


Minimally invasive surgery is becoming more widespread in emerging countries; these emerging markets are beginning to adopt newer technology as their economic growth cycle matures.


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