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Helium Crisis Bursts Into Radiology Industry.

Just as life without technology is unimaginable – it is also hard to imagine life without helium. With the latest scare of helium gas running out within 30 years, it’s not just clowns that are painting on their most worried look, even doctors and patients have some worrying to do. In the medical world, helium is most commonly used for MRI machines; and with a reduction in the availability of helium, hospitals, imaging centers, and OEMs are certainly paying a higher price for helium; and, in time, may need to limit access for patients to obtain an MRI altogether.

Most are familiar with helium being used for balloons and squeaky voices. But the shortage of helium doesn’t just mean weekends without floating balloons and some extra giggles; this helium crisis could have major repercussions for science, technology, and even medical advances including early detection of diseases.

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