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MRI Scanner Moving Forward Again

An MRI scan is that test that you think of as a necessary evil of sorts. When you think of the MRI you think of getting in a tube and feeling concerned that you may have a complex condition or wondering how your condition will be treated. So how does that get offset? Well, for starters the evolution of MRI technologies and the benefits to the patient.

Chances are you are wondering what the advantages are; here are a few advantages of an MRI:

  • An accurate diagnosis.
  • Aids in the creation of a strong treatment program.
  • Allows the Physician to see if the treatment is working.
  • Allows access to certain parts of the body that other tests do not.

The latest MRI improvement that allows it to move forward is that a medical team in California, to guide gene therapy in the brain, used it. According to the article on this special development “A team from UCSD and Moores Cancer Center used a guidance system called ClearPoint MRI Interventions to monitor the delivery and injection of gene therapy in real-time.” This type of development means that the improvement of therapy in so far as complex conditions are enormous.


To manufacturers, this means that there is yet another dimension of the MRI to market it in the future. This is a huge deal in terms of the future of the MRI. Part of what makes a technology necessary and important is its evolutionary process. This process allows precise pinpointing of drug delivery.


The MRI continues to evolve and as it does it makes the job of physicians easier, but more importantly it makes the life of the patient better. The ultimate goal, even if you are selling, repairing, servicing, or using an MRI is to make a patient’s life easier.


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