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The MRI System is Getting Personal

The MRI system is a gold standard in diagnostic imaging, for many years now the MRI has passed the X-Ray and become a major player in the field. The MRI aides in detecting complex conditions and serves everything from diagnosis to treatment monitoring. While the MRI undergoes its difficulties like the Helium crisis, it’s also going through major positive changes.

The MRI has improved to the point where color imaging, 3D imaging, and specialized imaging have taken it to a whole new level. By specialized imaging what’s implied is the fact that now MRI scanners are being developed to cater to a specific type of patient. A good example is the treatment of premature babies.

An MRI scan of a premature baby could take up to six hours to perform. Physicians, Physicists, and Engineers at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital decided to team up and create a baby scanner that could create an image just as effectively as a regular MRI scanner and quicker. This type of development is a big deal when you think of the implications not only in medicine but also in the business of medical technology.

The MRI evolution doesn’t really stop at the children’s hospital, it only gets broader. The MRI scanner is actually making strides in creating a greater degree of comfort for the patient. Creating a better degree of tilt has been the focus for some manufacturers. Part of the reason for this is the fact that patients with back problems may benefit from the comfort of being able to stretch.

Comfort, timeliness, quality of image, these are all key components to the MRI. An MRI much like any other diagnostic imaging procedure can be a difficult thing to deal with. If you can assure the patient a nice experience within proper means, you can definitely help make the experience better. These various improvements also help dealers and manufacturers in the long term.

A manufacturer will want to follow suit and create a manner of scanner that will help the patient feel like there is no problem at all. A dealer specializing in refurbished equipment may focus on upgrading equipment so that it will create specific images quicker or just be more comfortable. These improvements to the MRI also mean improvements to the medical technology service and repair industry.

As time goes on it seems likely that the MRI will be what drives the growth of the medical industry over the next several years.

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