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C-Arm Rental

Amber Diagnostics offers C-Arm Rentals to all US customers. Add imaging services to your facility without the commitment of capital dollars or extra space








Amber Diagnostics offers a variety of C-Arms for rental, we carry all major brands and can give you different options to choose from.

Why C-Arm Rental?

Patient Volume:

Maintain patient volumes during equipment downtime or an upgrade, reduce your patient backlog for diagnostic imaging or test the response to additional capacity with a lower-risk, limited-time commitment.


Add imaging services to your facility without the commitment of capital dollars.

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What can You Expect From
Amber Diagnostics?

A reputation for quality and affordability, plus a reduction in operating costs, while maintaining state-of-the-art capabilities. We also provide a network connectivity with PACS, workstations, and other DICOM imaging destinations.

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At Amber Diagnostics our trained professionals have been refurbishing used imaging equipment since 1994. We are more than capable of handling all questions and services throughout the purchasing process including room planning, shipping, installation, and training. Our warranties and financing can be customized to fit your facility’s needs and budgets. Click here to receive a call from our experts.