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OEC Brivo

The affordability and mobility of the OEC Brivo C-arm has the ability to transform healthcare.

OEC Brivo C-Arm
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The familiar interface of the OEC Brivo Plus makes working, maneuvering, and connecting easy and productive- even for less familiar technicians.

  • 1k x 1k high resolution imaging technology from a fully digital image processing system
  • 9” Image Intensifier provides high spatial resolution
  • Advanced connectivity including wireless DICOM and MPPS
  • 40 kHz high frequency generator 
  • 2.2kW monoblock 
  • Stationary anode with dual focal spot 
  • kVp range 40-110 
  • Monochrome 19” monitors 
  • Preview, Normal, Low Dose and High Level Fluoro and Pulsed modes 

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