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Mini C-arms Vs. Full-size C-arms

Full-Size C-Arms vs. Mini C-Arms

Full size and mini C-Arms: What are the differences and what are they used for? Full-size C-Arms Full-size C-arms are more powerful and have more room to accommodate different parts of the body. There are many brands and types to choose from, for example, the … Read more

MRI or CT scanner machine

MRI Machines Vs CT Scanners, What Should I Purchase?

CT Scanner Maintenance: Calibration What are the advantages and the disadvantages of each modality and how they both can benefit any imaging department? Both modalities have been around since the seventies, and they take axial, coronal, and sagittal planes of the human body. Then, 3D … Read more

Mobile CT scan machine medical trailer

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile CT Units?

Mobile CT units and how they can be used in any medical setting First of all, what is a mobile CT unit? To be clear, mobile CT scanners shouldn’t be confused with portable CT units. The portable CT scanners are small, maneuverable, and can fit … Read more

Portable digital x-ray machine

Portable Digital X-Ray Machine

Fully autonomous portable digital x-ray machine. Operates from a set of rechargeable batteries Portable Digital X-Ray Machine Overview Portable digital radiography gives full autonomy and convenience. This advanced system, provides you with the productivity, image quality and functionality of a RAD room at the point … Read more

Bariatric patient talking to doctor

Buying a Bariatric CT Scanner? What to Look For

Benefits of a Bariatric scanner and why radiology departments should consider having one in their imaging arsenal Bariatric CT scanners are gaining popularity because the have larger bore sizes and come equipped with bigger generators with higher output, increased field of view (FOV) and bigger … Read more

CT Scanner machine tube

What is the CT Scanner Tube’s Lifespan?

CT Scanner Maintenance: Calibration What is a CT Scanner tube’s life span?  Well It depends on frequency of use, types of exams, and patient population. Studies have shown there is no set limit. There are many factors such as: Mechanical, environmental, and usage, that can … Read more

Hitachi AIRIS Elite Open MRI

Magnet Specifications 0.3 Tesla Permanent Open Magnet (Phased Array) Coil Package: Head, Three (3) L-Spines Coils, Hand/Wrist, Shoulder, Knee, Big CTL, Three (3) Rapid Array Coils, C-Spine

GE OEC 9800 C-Arm

OEC Medical 9800 C-Arm

Overview OEC 9800 Dual Hi-Res Monitors 9″ Image Intensifier Extensive Warranty Program FlatPanel Monitors (Optional) C-Arm Table Financing Available

Quantum X-Ray Room With DR Panel

Overview Deinstalled Quantum Rad Room Quantum Singlephase Generator Quantum Elevating Table Upright Chest Stand Floormounted Tubestand CareRay Wireless DR System (2017) Deinstalled on June 3rd, 2021 Located in NC

OEC Brivo C-Arm

OEC Brivo

Overview The familiar interface of the OEC Brivo Plus makes working, maneuvering, and connecting easy and productive- even for less familiar technicians. 1k x 1k high resolution imaging technology from a fully digital image processing system 9” Image Intensifier provides high spatial resolution Advanced connectivity … Read more

1.5T MRI machine

1.5T vs. 3.0T MRI Machines

Differences between 1.5T vs. 3.0T MRI Machines: pros and cons of each unit Overview of Differences So many decisions and so many products to choose from.   Remember,  there are more things to consider besides cost when purchasing an MRI machine. Such as location, shielding, … Read more


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