Used & Refurbished Stand Up MRI Scanners

amber diagnostics refurbished and used Stand Up magnetic resonance imaging or mri machine
A Stand Up MRI is very unique in that it is the only MRI machine available that can provide pictures of the spine and joints in their normal states, making it possible to detect problems in these areas that regular MRI systems may sometimes miss by having the patient lay down. The patient receives the MRI by sitting, standing, or bending; making the Stand Up MRI invaluable to doctors when diagnosing a patient.

Our professional team here at Amber Diagnostics is ready to talk to you about any other questions you may have about the best MRI machine for you, including the Stand Up MRI; and we’ll support you during the entire process of purchasing, planning, shipping, installation, and maintenance with our complete and total end to end in house servicing in our 25,000 square foot warehouse. We’ll do our very best to minimize the MRI machine cost of every MRI for sale, as every used MRI machine can be customized for your price range and mechanical requirements.

STAND UP MRI Manufacturer's

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The MRI Machine has different strengths and options from 1.0T, 1.5T, 3.0T, Extremity, Open, Standup and Mobile.

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Fonar Stand Up

amber diagnostics refurbished and used fonar stand up magnetic resonance imaging or mri machine
The Fonar UPRIGHT® MRI has a unique magnet design, which allows it to employ this principle in two ways. The patient is positioned between two vertical poles so that the magnetic field transverses the body in the left-right direction (green arrows) This unique design allows both flat planar and solenoid (“wrap- around”) coils to be used separately or in combination.
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